Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3 FES -44- Breaking into School

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Persona 3 ost - The Battle for Everyone's Souls [Extended]

Persona 3 ost - The Battle for Everyone's Souls [Extended] Soundtrack link- Persona 3 FES (Physical Disc) - Persona 3 FES (Digital) - - Persona 3 Soundtrack - Persona 3 FES Soundtrack - Persona 3 Portable Soundtrack - Persona 3 Reincarnation - If you like what you're hearing you can buy through these amazon links to show support to both the game and me

Persona 3 FES Max Social Links: 8/29, 8/30 and 8/31 - Final Few Films

The film festival approaches its end, and school begins again... Max Social Links Guide:

Destroy All Humans! -10- Sunny Santa Modesta

Persona 3 FES - Part 45 :: SUMMER SCHOOL D:

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Persona 4: Our Trueselves (2nd Fan-Edit Movie)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Persona, or any properties associated with the license. This is a none-profit fan made tribute. Persona and all properties are owned by Atlus, and the Persona team. First Movie Here: This is my second Persona 4 movie. Yes, I know it's long. I did try cutting out as much as I could, but this is simply how it ended up. If your wondering about the notes, it's because while I was making the first movie, I accidentally removed them. This time i've decided to leave them in place. Anyway, please enjoy.

Junpei is a genius!
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