The Walking Dead (Game) - Review

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Limbo (Game) Explained: In Depth Analysis

Most of the theories you heard are false, I'm about to explain everything to you. Follow me on Facebook:

10 Video Games That Left Us Emotionally Devastated

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Walker Make-Up Behind The Scenes (The Walking Dead)

*Produced in collaboration with Scopely* Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival here: Here is a little behind the scenes look at how the walker make up was applied by people from the show! Meow: Follow: Like:

The Walking Dead Game Cutscenes - Dropping Ben

Lee is faced with a tough choice...

An absorbing point-and-click adventure game. 'Not usually my thing', but couldn't stop playing.

NO FRIKKIN' TIME lately! I hope to cement some video-making hours into my schedule from April, but I've been saying that for a year so shouldn't make promises. I miss doing stupid songs.

Still getting to grips with VideoPad - thanks again for the recommendation. Doesn't seem to want to render images in the video track but it functions well otherwise.

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