The Walking Dead (Game) - Review

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Fan Reactions - The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead - Carley (RV Scene)

SPOILER WARNING: This includes scenes which spoils parts of episode 3 in The Walking Dead Season 1 The reactions start at 2:15 The Walking Dead by Telltale Games - Season 1 Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead - RV Scene - Fan Reactions to Carly's Death The creative content within this video is ultimately the sole property of Telltale Games. Special thanks to the people included for sharing their reactions: MaximusBlack NGTZombies TheGirlFromAus LamouraGames PewDiePie RaedwulfGamer Tetra Ninja TheRadBrad GamerMD83 UberHaxorNova Cryaotic

The Walking Dead SEASON 1 REVIEW! Episodes 1 Through 5 (No Spoilers)

Is The Walking Dead the must-play game of 2013? Watch Tara's full review to find out! Tara Long played through episodes 1 through 5, and after sinking her heart and soul into the lives of Lee and Clementine, it's time to render a verdict. Subscribe for more: Tara Long on Twitter: Subscribe on iTunes: Rev3Games on Twitter: Like Rev3Games on Facebook: Add Rev3Games on Google Plus GAME: The Walking Dead DEVELOPER: Telltale PLATFORMS: Mac, PC, iOS, Xbox 360, PS3, PC RATING: TRY IT

TES: Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion & Skyrim - A Retrospective on Bethesda's Franchise

A rant on Bethesda's treatment of their strongest child. What do you think? *Subscribing* will give you +7 Luck. Thank you! DaggerXL link: Search 'DaggerXL' on Youtube for gameplay, etc.

Spec Ops: The Line - Review

Lovely misery. Enjoyed muchly. Codecs continue to throttle me by my entrails; apologies for the poor gameplay footage quality. Movie Editing software now not only doubles the play-rate of my newly recorded AVI's, but also compresses them horizontally. I'm sure this is my fault, but for the sake of my sanity I must blame Konrad.

₪ Lee's Epic 'Zombie Gauntlet' Scene (The Walking Dead Game - Episode 5) ₪

Probably everyone's favourite scene from Episode 5 and/or Season 1. With no time to lose, Lee only has one choice: become a total bad-ass. If you're wondering why I let him get bit, it wasn't me being a noob; I did it on purpose because from a drama viewpoint, it seems much more emotional to me for Lee to not care what happens to him as long as he gets to Clementine. The song is called "Armed With Death". #ForClementine. If you enjoyed the video and want more, please leave a Like! Twitter: @RaphiePlays || Twitch: Have any suggestions/recommendations for future uploads? Then feel free to leave a comment! Intro/Outro theme: Spazzmatica Polka // Kevin MacLeod (

An absorbing point-and-click adventure game. 'Not usually my thing', but couldn't stop playing.

NO FRIKKIN' TIME lately! I hope to cement some video-making hours into my schedule from April, but I've been saying that for a year so shouldn't make promises. I miss doing stupid songs.

Still getting to grips with VideoPad - thanks again for the recommendation. Doesn't seem to want to render images in the video track but it functions well otherwise.

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