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The Most Beautiful Abandoned Mansions In The World

The Biggest, Most Beautiful Abandoned Mansions In The World If you liked this video, please consider subscribing! There will be many more like this to come. 8. Swanannoa - "Swannanoa, Virginia. Swanannoa was built in 1912 by James H. Dooley and was built as a token of his love for his wife. Dooley died just 12 years after its completion, and his wife died two years after that. Following their deaths, the ownership was of the house was passed around between family of the couple, private corporations, and government officials before finally sitting in abandonment to this day." 7. The Mansion of Tequendama Falls - "The Mansion of Tequendama Falls, Colombia. This stunning mansion was built in 1923 by architect Carlos Arturo, as a symbol of the joy and elegance of the elite citizens of the 1920s. The mansion sits overlooking the falls. The mansion was abandoned in the early 90s after decades of contamination from the local Bogotá River." 6. La Manuela, Colombia - "Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, and drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was no exception. Covering 20 acres, La Manuela was Pablo Escobar's lavish getaway estate in the resort town of Guatapé. Escobar enjoyed this home until 1993, when it was bombed by Los Pepes. Los Pepes were a vigilante group known for fighting directly against Escobar and his reign of terror on everyday people. The house now sits abandoned. Escobar's ex-butler now resides down the street where he owns a restaurant. He often allows people into the site upon request. Paintball games are also played here from time to time." 5. Carleton Villa, Carleton Island, New York - "Carleton Villa was built in 1894 by architect William Miller for millionaire William O. Wyckoff. Wyckoff made his fortune by helping the Remington Arms Company find a market for the typewriter. The massive house is located on Carleton Island and was made to be a summer home for the family. However, just one month before moving in, Wyckoff's wife suffered a heart attack and died. Then, the day after the family moved in, Wyckoff himself also had a heart attack and died. His son acquired the house and his father's fortune, but much of the fortune was lost during the Great Depression. The home was sold to General Electric who planned on demolishing the home and building a new plant along with a vacation retreat. Just before demolition was set to begin, WWII broke out and GE abandoned the project. The house has sat abandoned and slowly falling apart since then. The house is currently for sale for just under half a million dollars, but renovations to the house are estimated at much more than that." 4. Lynnewood Hall - "Lynnewood Hall, Pennsylvania. Lynnewood Hall is a massive, 110-room estate built in 1900 for Peter A. B. Widener. Widener died in the home in 1915. The house was supposed to be inherited by his son, but both his son and his grandson had died three years prior on the famous ship, The Titanic. Since then, few have been able to enter the house and it has mostly been used for art exhibitions and some military training exercises during World War II. Now, the house sits abandoned, owned by the First Korean Church of New York." 3. Pidhirtsi Castle - "The Pidhirtsi Castle was built in the 1600s in the Ukraine. The castle was used as a fortress and home for most of its life before being captured by the Russians in World War I. In February 1956, the castle almost burned down completely. The fire lasted three weeks, and burned many of the remaining valuables inside. The mansion still sits abandoned to this day, most of the interior still in a shell from the fire. There were plans to renovate the place, but those never came to fruition." 2. Château Miranda also known as Château de Noisy, Belgium - "This immaculate château was built in 1866. The structure was used as a home for a wealthy French family fleeing the French Revolution until World War II, when it was occupied by German forces during the Battle of the Bulge. In the mid 1900s, the château was turned into an orphanage and a holiday camp for sick children. In the early 90s, the chateau was abandoned due to the extremely high cost of maintenance. The building has slowly deteriorated, and some minor demotion began in October of 2016. However, the majority of the structure is still standing, for now." 1. Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers - "This marvelous château sits in the middle of a small lake in France. It is unclear when this was built, but records of the château date back as early as the 13th century. In 1809, it was bought by a wealthy businessman by the name of François Hennecart. Hennecart tried his best to restore the castle to its former glory. Sadly, over 100 years later, a fire destroyed most of the buildings and precious items inside the castle. Since then, it was been left abandoned and is being slowly claimed by nature."

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YO YO! Today we explored Lynnewood Hall Mansion! Lynnewood hall is the abandoned house of Peter A. B. Widener and his family. The super rich family were investors of the Titanic and ended up losing 2 sons in the tragic titanic sinking!


"LYNNEWOOD HALL" ADDITIONAL INFO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynnewood_Hall

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