NOT DEAD, playing a great game before it goes away forever. Next review info in description!

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i just like owls calm the fuck down jesus christ Outro song: I Slept With Her, Too (The Whalers) The Whalers: Jake's Soundcloud: Voiceover was mixed and mastered by David Tremblay (Sir Meow) Background music: Gioachino Rossini - William Tell Overture Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers Twitter: Reddit: Twitch: GAME LIST: 0:30 - Owlboy 1:40 - RWBY: Grimm Eclipse 2:14 - ACE - Arena: Cyber Evolution 2:36 - Furi 2:50 - Contagion 3:29 - Hocus 3:47 - Counter Strike: Global Offensive 4:52 - Frederic: Resurrection of Music 5:50 - Bedlam 6:15 - Dark Souls III 6:42 - Jumpjet Rex 6:50 - SMITE 7:10 - Extreme Exorcism 7:53 - Overwatch 8:09 - Tribes: Ascend 8:55 - Saviors 9:11 - Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf 10:16 - Delver 11:45 - Cloudbuilt 14:17 - Paladins #Q&A #SubSpecial #QuestionsAndAnswers

An Actual Review of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

♫ It's beginning to look a lot like Hitler, ♫ ♫ Ev'rywhere you go ♫ ♫ I give this game a Five-of-Ten, the fans are all mad again ♫ ♫ With growing pains and YouTube fame that glows. ♫ ♫ It's beginning to look a lot like Hitler, ♫ ♫ Crimes performed in war, ♫ ♫ But the prettiest sight to see are the fanboys that will be ♫ ♫ Beating down your door. ♫ ♫ Sure it's Hitler, once a-more! ♫ Outro Song: The Whalers - Eviction Outro music: Twitter: Reddit: Twitch: #CallofDuty #Review #CallofDutyReview #InfiniteWarfare

The Actual Top 10 Games of 2016

It's 100% objective, I developed a mathematical formula to calculate the quality of every game released this year. These are not opinions, they're facts. Sorry folks. Outro song is "All Your Friends" by my friend Jake Bardin ( Patreon: Twitter: Reddit: Twitch: VO in this video was mixed and mastered by David Tremblay ( #Top10Games #Review #Top10

An Actual Review of Titanfall 2

I used to make fun of those dudes who build sex robots in their garages. I think I get it now. Outro song: "Speak" by Jake Bardin BT Dakimakura was drawn by my pal Madbuns Twitter: Patreon: Reddit: Twitch: Voiceover mixed and mastered by Sir Meow ( #Titanfall2Review #Titanfall2 #Review #Titanfall

A Mom-Friendly Review of Outlast 2

Happy Mother's Day, now you finally have something to show your friends when they ask you what your son's doing nowadays. Outro song: "faith" by atlas ( Patreon: Twitter: Reddit: Twitch: VO in this video was mixed and mastered by David Tremblay ( #Outlast2 #MothersDay #Outlast2Review

Support the stream: The review I'm currently working on was meant to end by telling everyone to play Gigantic before it goes away forever, but due to personal issues cropping up and my own personal mess ups I didn't manage to finish it to my stupid "standards" in time. I'm going out of town for 10 days tomorrow and won't be able to finish it on time but I still want to tell people to play this game while they can. If you download the game right now there's a very good chance you'll end up matching with me, since I made a new Arc account. Regardless, you should 100% give the game a shot because it's absolutely amazing and will be going away forever on July 31st.

I normally wouldn't stream on YouTube, and I likely won't ever again after this, but this is my best bet for getting people to find out about this game now that I know I won't be able to finish the video on time.

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