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INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM - Official Gameplay Trailer (2018)

INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM Gameplay Trailer • Platform: Coming to PC and, for the first time, PS4 & Xbox One • Release Date: 2018 • Website: ►SUBSCRIBE:

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Teaser Trailer | PS4

Taking the original Insurgency formula and evolving it, the million-selling FPS comes enhanced and expanded as a new game built in Unreal Engine 4 with upgraded graphics taking the series to a new era. Insurgency: Sandstorm brings extended gameplay possibilities, improved immersion, new co-op and competitive objective-based game modes, all with the lethal tactical action that made Insurgency the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Fight across a modern battlefield utilizing gameplay mechanics that blur the lines between reality and shooter. Each weapon has unique ballistic calculations taking into account bullet-drop, choose to drop magazines for faster reloads in dangerous situations, carefully open doors to keep quiet or bash them down with a shoulder charge, and much more. Participate in large-scale battles in up to 16-versus-16 skirmishes with artillery barrages, gunships, A-10 strikes, and 4x4 vehicle support. Battle across expansive, realistic maps with interiors to breach and high-value points to control. Insurgency: Sandstorm rewards teamwork and objective-play over personal success. Insurgency: Sandstorm is coming out later this year on PlayStation®4

Insurgency: Sandstorm - New Alpha Gameplay!

Today we get to take a look at some new Insurgency Sandstorm Alpha Gameplay! Support Bigfry Today! Patreon! ► Humble Bundle ► Merchandise! ► GamerSupps ► Use Code "Bigfry" for 10% off! Insurgency Sandstorm Giveaway: Task Force Giveaway: JOIN THE NATION! http://Bigfry.TV Subscribe! ► Twitter ► @BigfryTV Twitch ► Instagram ► BigfryTV Steam Group! ► Discord! ► Background Beats! Chuki Beats ►

SQUAD vs Insurgency Comparison Review - How Does It Stack Up?

SUPPORT MY CHANNEL - Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! - If you enjoy my videos, please support my channel on Patreon - - Want to support my channel & save $$ on games? Click this link! - ..... MORE VIDEOS - BF4 & BFH Playlist - - Insurgency Playlist - - Call Of Duty Playlist - - Hearthstone Playlist - - Check out my Twitch channel - ..... SOCIAL MEDIA & OTHER LINKS - Like me on Facebook! - - Follow me on Twitter - - Join my Battlefield 4 Platoon - - BF4 & BFH stats from - ..... GAMING ACCOUNTS - Steam - billyeatworld - Origin - billyeatworld - PSN - billyeatworld - XBLIVE - billyeatworld - - billeatworld#1613 ..... Today we take a look at the brand new tactical shooter Squad, and we compare it to Insurgency. Do these games really have as much in common as it seems that they do on the surface? ..... Recorded on PC w/ NVIDIA Shadowplay


Wesprzyj mnie na: Insurgency Sandstorm to niezwykle ciekawa gra, tworzona przez grupę zapalonych wielbicieli taktycznych realistycznych fps-ów gdzie do wymiany ognia dochodzi bardzo szybko. Co ciekawego zaoferuje tytuł, którego premiera zapowiadana jest na ten rok? Zapraszam :) MÓJ FACEBOOK: OFICJALNA STRONA GRY: MUZYKA: 1. HAMMAM ABDULLAH: 2. Composed: By Ender Güney

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