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La Vie De Conducteur De Train

Ce reportage nous montre quelques aspects de la vie de conducteur de train. Le vocabulaire cheminot employé très spécifique. C'est assez court mais l'atmosphère du métier est bien retranscrite. Philippe Andrin conducteur à l'ET de PSE. Tiré du DVD "la passion des trains".

TGV speed record 574,8 km/h

A hagyományos vasút-technika csúcsa a francia TGV. Speciálisan felkészített vasúti pálya, feszített felsővezeték, megnövelt teljesítményű villamos motorkocsik eredményezték ezt a fantasztikus sebességi világrekordot. A sebességre jellemző, hogy az 574,8 km/óra végsebességgel száguldó szerelvényt egy sugárhajtású kisrepülőgéppel követték a filmesek. Sokan érdeklődtek a filmben hallható zenéről. Íme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5AQnMwoOQM Adatok: Hossz: 106 m Súly: 265 tonna (tons) Feszültség: 31.000 V Áramerősség: 800 A (amps) Teljesítmény: 25.500 lóerő (horsepower)

AIRPORT PROBLEMS! - VR Toy Train Simulator - Frantic Lines - Part 8

Today, I thought I would go ahead and finish off the airport which we started last time. I also added a little pong next to the airport AND a small station within the airport grounds. As always, I hope you guys enjoy the video! Intro music: Clarx H.A.Y NCS Release Social Media: Facebook: https://goo.gl/nJMT76 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EimCSA Discord: https://discord.gg/UwvMSAa ABOUT THIS GAME Build freight trains and follow passengers on scenic journeys, all through a range of real-world inspired locations from the south island of New Zealand. Choose between driving trains through the world of this pre-built table top model railway or combine your own pieces of track and scenery to build your own railway! The entire railway fits within one large workroom, with tons of surrounding free bench space for you to experiment with your own custom creations. Features: Play on both PC (without VR) and in VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality) Build and share your custom layouts on the Steam workshop Share and download custom train paint-schemes on the Steam workshop Operate model railways in human-scale Explore anywhere on foot in miniature scale Drive trains in large scale with hand-held controllers Drive trains in miniature from within the cab Drive multiple trains at once by using multiple controllers Push wagons along the tracks with your hands in VR Pickup and throw wagons as physics objects Place your own custom track and build your own layouts Freely place scenery and buildings for your custom layouts Backup or share your custom track saves in plain text Sandbox style world, where custom tracks and scenery can be built anywhere Use model railway style switch-boards to direct your trains Dynamic day/night cycle Dynamic weather Play in VR or on PC Rolling Line has been built from the beginning to be both a PC game (first person style) and a VR game. You can play with a keyboard a mouse just like any PC game or train sim, but if you have a VR headset (Oculus, Vive and WMR) connected then it will automatically launch in VR. Just like a model railway This railway is designed to look, feel and operate like a real hobbyists model railroad, with stylized switch boards to control the tracks, portable hand-held controllers to drive trains, and complete control over the rooms lighting. Freely push wagons around on the rails with your hands to build up trains as long as you could possibly want, and take control of any number of different locomotives (using multiple controllers). Build your own tracks and scenery Place pieces of track and scenery to build your own huge (or tiny) railways! Almost every tree and building from the pre-made layout can also be used in your own creations. Paint different colors and styles onto terrain, trees and tracks and place chunks of terrain to build hills and path ways. You can build your custom layouts entirely by hand in VR, or play on PC to make use of PC-only map making shortcuts. You can share your layouts on the Steam workshop and easily download other peoples layouts. All layouts you make can be easily backed up and shared in plain text, which means you can copy-paste an entire save game between friends! Explore in human scale or miniature Switch between human-sized room scale and railway-sized miniature scale at any time, any where. You are not limited to only driving trains in miniature, but can fully explore the entire railway at the scale of a person. Drive trains from right inside the cab in miniature, and view the world from the driver's perspective! While in miniature scale you will experience dynamic time, weather and unique terrain and skyboxes that extend beyond the shape of the railway, Choices of locomotion Choose between a range of locomotion options, including standard teleporting, grabbing the world around you to move yourself around, free directional movement with the trackpad and any other locomotion options suggested by the community that can be added! Other options like manual rotation (if you cannot use room scale) and setting your player height help support a range of VR setups. Rolling line offers an immersive experience of both controlling a model railroad and driving trains from within the world itself. Whether you enjoy the diverse scenery of New Zealand, the joy of controlling model trains, the experience of a scenic railway journey or the freedom of building your own tracks and creations, then Rolling Line can deliver.

SNCF : Ma vie de conducteur


Bienvenue en cabine à bord de la rame n°51 type MF 67 au départ de Mairie d'Issy (Issy-Les-Moulineaux) et ayant pour terminus Front-Populaire (Aubervilliers). Voie 1 accélérée : https://youtu.be/OQCq7OlKu3o Voie 2 intégrale : https://youtu.be/nDh_M1ytA5w Voie 2 accélérée : https://youtu.be/uCfoMKq3GMU #Métro #Paris #Ligne12 #RATP #Train #Cabine #MF67

Je suis nul, je me suis gouré d'endroit à la fin :x

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