Top 6 saddest deaths in the halo games

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My top 10 awesome moments in the halo games

My top 10 awesome moments in the halo games. What is your top 10? Write in the comments if you want :)

10 Ways to tell if You're a Noob in Halo Reach

This was made purely for fun and was not meant be a serious take on Halo Reach players, so don't go ranting in the comments. Inspired by the original "10 ways to tell if you're a noob in Halo", Kung Fu Productions presents 10 Ways to tell if You're a Noob in Halo Reach. Voice Actors: yourself908, Kung Fu Kai Music: "Feelin Good" "Divertimento K131" "Stratosphere" "Merry Go" "Space Explorers" "Stoneworld Battle" - Kevin MacLeod ( (Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" "Halo" - Martin O'Donnel Kai's Twitter -!/Kung_Fu_Kai

Top 10 Saddest Video Game Deaths

Don't forget to comment ,like and subscribe if you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more as I will be uploading more Top 10s! =) (I Do Realise Sully doesn't die in U3) :D And... These are just in my opinion! and they aren't in order ^^ And... again! I would've also included Lee Everett from Walking Dead, but Episode 5 was released after the actual creation of this video (He is now included in my "Another Top 10 Saddest Video Game Deaths" video) You can watch "Another Top 10 Saddest Video Game Deaths" by clicking the annotation at the start of the video or by clicking this link:

Halo Reach - Is Noble 6 Still Alive? Was Arbiter On Reach?

RaidMax Gaming Chairs: These questions have been popping up a lot again recently so I figured I'd take a behind the scenes look of Noble 6's death and see if there's anything people never noticed before to settle these debates once and for all. Discord: Patreon: Subscribe for more: Facebook: Twitter: Stay tuned!

The Last Colony Part One (Halo Mega Bloks short film)

~~~PART 2 TEASER HERE:~~~ When a pair of Covenant Battlecruisers attacks a UNSC frigate, Fireteam Sigma must seek the aid of a clever but inadequate ODST to discover the meaning behind the assault. It took me one year and ten months, three webcams, two chargers, two batteries, four RAM chips, and a lot of crying, but it's complete at last! I've been working nonstop for a week straight to make sure I could release it during the summer (sort of), and I hope you appreciate the effort I put in! Because if you don't enjoy this, I'll be very, very upset. Part two isn't coming for at least two years. Thank you for asking about it. Give me your money: MootroidXProductions Facebook: Follow MootroidXproductions on Facebook for regular updates as to when I'm filming and what's coming soon! Interested in becoming a part of Channel Frederator? Why don't you try it out? ~FAQ~ -How did you make the figures in Fireteam Sigma? 637 is the Rookie figure from the Wombat Drone set, but I added a black wash, and in part 2, I'll be using a custom battle-damaged version commissioned from a member of the Mega Bloks Worldwide group on Facebook. Cal has an EOD helmet from the Flood Hunters set, a Halo Reach body with a gray undersuit and silver arms and legs, and dark red Recruit armor from the Fireteam Crimson set. His shoulder armor is upside-down, because for some reason I like how it looks. Saul has a regular gray undersuit, red arms and legs (not sure which variant- they all look the same to me), Emile's leg armor, belt, and breastplate, shoulders from the Containment Armory set, and an old ODST head from the first wave of metallic drop pods. He was poorly customized with Sharpie, but it rubbed off, and now it looks like damage, so I'm okay with that. Leon's body is the super-poseable Aviator from new version of the the Oni Quad Walker set, and his head is from the non-super-poseable Recon from the old version of the same set. Bain's head is from an old Recon that came in the series 9 blind bags, and his body is from the HAZOP in the series Bravo blind bags. -What software do you use? This film was shot using iStopmotion Home, but I recently upgraded to Dragonframe. It was edited with Photoshop, Apple Motion (also known as Motion 5), and Premiere. I used a greenscreen map and a Halo prop pack in Garry's Mod for the Frigate and Battlecruiser footage. I used Premiere for some audio editing as well. This was all done on a Macbook Pro. -How do you get it so smooth? Motion has a feature called "frame blending" that adds new frames between existing frames. These new frames are blurred versions of the preceding and succeeding frames, adding a motion blur effect. This feature comes with most higher-end special effects software. -Where's part 2? In production. You'll see it sometime in 2018 at the latest. You can find the announcement, teaser, and news/update vlog on my channel.

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Top 10 awesome moments in the halo games:

This is my top 6 saddest deaths in the halo games

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