Yume Nikki : Uboa

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Yume Nikki - Kyukyu-kun and the FACE

My first upload! =D The zipper-door to Kyukyu-kun appears randomly (sometimes the knife doesn't work on it, which means the door isn't there), I just happened to get lucky on getting it my first try. :P If you don't find it, wake up and return a few times and it'll eventually be there (the top of the zipper will look different from normal if the door is there).

Yume 2kki - Revisiting Zalgo

Good ol' Zalgo didn't change much over the past few years. Still creepy as hell o.o Oh and we also managed to get the wallpaper from the crying NPC in the rain!

Yume Nikki Speedrun in 10:58 (World Record)

Great rng, mediocre run. I had some really dumb time losses like not holding right hard enough, and not having number lock on. Other than that the execution was sloppy, but fast. I'll probably try to go lower because I wasn't happy with how messy this run turned out. Yume Nikki discord: https://discord.gg/2K9d2aZ Just in case you wanted my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/smilesabitsuki And of course if any of you are new link to the Yume Nikki Wiki: http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/Yume_... Link to Uboachan (YN forum): https://uboachan.net/ My twitter for updates and shit: https://twitter.com/SmileSabitsuki The best way to contact me will always be through Discord.

Yume Nikki 3d v 0.02 - Uboa event (my indie game)

Download: http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/yume-nikki-3d/18055/

Yume Nikki: Eventos

Link del juego: http://www.mediafire.com/?55qr71bjab855ro Recopilación de los eventos de Yume Nikki. Monoe: 00:00 Cabezas decapitadas: 01:06 Dave Spector: 2:24 Monoko: 2:50 Takofuusen: 4:01 Dibujos en las alcantarillas: 4:29 Canal de televisión oculto: 7:58 Caída de nave espacial: 8:45 UFOs en Marte: 11:51 Poniko y Uboa: 13:33 EL vuelo de la bruja: 16:17 KyuuKyuu-kun y FACE: 18:36 Cuello con tortícolis: 20:29 Mono Azteca: 21:38 Fiesta Toriningen: 22:59 Hombre que cae: 25:11 Madotsuki derritiéndose: 26:23 Famicom Glitch: 28:21 Caracteres en el suelo: 32:06


This was EXTREMELY tedious, as you can see, But that's how you get to the uboa event.
If you don't want to wait and get as surprised : Fast forward to 7:35

This video is great to show your little brother. =w=b

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