Myst Review (PC)

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V-RALLY 4 Review

The return of a legendary off-road racing game! Enjoy an extreme experience while becoming an expert in a demanding simulation. Take on the challenges of rallies, rallycross, drifts, buggies and hill climbs, and set off on a spectacular journey across every continent. Enjoy the video ? if so Support me on Patreon if you wish. would help a lot :

Review of Riven (Sequel to Myst)

How Myst Became One of the Best-Selling PC Games of All Time

We discuss how the game Myst became the killer game for the CD-Rom drive back in 1993. Watch more History of Awesome here!

realMyst - Rime Age

An extra to this remake. You are now heading to the snowy Age where you need to find a way to see Catherine's dream age. This remake brings closer to its sequel. One reason why the box says "Director's Cut". This age is also available on the Nintendo DS and 3DS and PSP. I wonder how it looks like on these platforms.

A Brief History of... Myst

Everybody knows Myst. It's the one with the island and the puzzles. But the story neither starts nor ends there. We trace nearly 30 years of developer Cyan's history from its humble beginnings into a garage and through the rise and fall of one of gaming's greatest success stories. Twitter: @ludodrome Music: no more sandlots by Uncle Milk

My review of Myst for the PC, Mac, Saturn, PlayStation, 3DO, Windows, Atari Jaguar CD, CD-i, AmigaOS, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, and Android

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