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Obduction Review: Did It Live Up To Myst? - Timbertaft

Obduction by Cyan Worlds wants you to remember the 90's puzzle adventure games Myst and Riven with all of its soul. In this review, say hello to Obduction, the spiritual successor to Myst! Replacing books with aliens, and Atrus and Achenar with a wacky Arizona local, C.W. , it is time to see if Obduction plays the role of a true Myst follow-up or if it acts as more of a simple swan song for the first person adventure game genre. Warning: Video may contain spoilers. ------------ If you liked this video please feel free to contribute to my Patreon! All the Social Medias! Credits: Special Thanks to Actors Ethan Noga, Alex Gomes, and Adam Willoughby as well as Martha Matusik for their support! Thank you to Spark717 for the title song "Wistful Delight" Thank you to Thunderscott for his cover of Littleroot Town in the ending sketch: #obduction #myst #review

How Obduction is the Inverse of Myst and Riven

Click here to enter the Amazon giveaway for The Myst Reader: Obduction is the newest game from Cyan Worlds, the creators of Myst and Riven. In this installment, Landon breaks down Obduction’s story and compares it to themes found in its predecessor. Warning: This video contains MAJOR spoilers for Obduction. If you haven’t played it yet, please support the developers and pick up the game. It is truly worth every penny. PC / MAC / VR: PS4 / PSVR: Robyn Miller’s Soundtrack: Special thanks to Cyan’s Eric Anderson for providing the Obduction logo seen in the thumbnail! Follow Eric on Twitter: - TWITTER: TUMBLR: Music by Chillhop: L'indécis - Rekindling: Nymano - I Wish I Could Sleep: Listen on Spotify: All other copyrighted clips are subject to fair use.

Review #5 | Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Here is the first review in the Myst series. Is Riven really that good?

realMyst vs Myst

Here's a quick look at some differences between classic Myst and the realMyst Masterpiece Edition from 2014. Subscribe for more! Check out my Nostalgic Gaming series: Check out my Myst playthrough (on-going): Follow me on Twitter: #Gaming #Myst

A Brief History of... Myst

Everybody knows Myst. It's the one with the island and the puzzles. But the story neither starts nor ends there. We trace nearly 30 years of developer Cyan's history from its humble beginnings into a garage and through the rise and fall of one of gaming's greatest success stories. Twitter: @ludodrome Music: no more sandlots by Uncle Milk

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