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REVIEW / Nefarious

Our review of Nefarious, a throwback to 16-bit games that puts you in the shoes of the villain. Nefarious is available on PC now and is releasing on all consoles this week. All footage in the review was captured on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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Let's Play Nefarious - PC Gameplay Part 1 - Traditionally Un-Traditional

Unleash a little anarchy! Tired of playing the hero? Experience the adventure from the other side of the coin with Nefarious! Play as the villain for a change and wreak chaos as you kidnap princesses from five different kingdoms who alter game play in unique ways. Stomp on heroes through several iconic battles recreated with you as the boss! Nefarious is a 2d-animated action platformer, where your objective on each stage is to kidnap a princess and then escape with them! Heroes will attempt to thwart you, and many things may not go quite as expected. Key Features Lovingly crafted 2d animation and illustrated backdrops. Reverse boss fights let you fight the hero. Globe hop between five different kingdoms and even more distinct locations. Unlock several ammo types for your grenade launcher Mix and match customization options for 10+ variations on your explosive punches. Mystery and Intrigue, that if uncovered, unlocks a secret ending! Engage in a comedic story exploring and deconstructing the video game trope of princess kidnapping. Get Nefarious on steam [Jan 23rd] - _ Back Me On Patreon: My Twitter: Watch Me Live:

Nefarious Review
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