Monster Hunter Gone Wrong #1

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Monster Hunter Gone Wrong #2

Guess you liked Gone Wrong Part 1 so here's more Featuring: ► Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate HD ver. ► Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ► Monster Hunter Generations Team Darkside: ► Twitter: ► Discord: ► Twitch: ✦ Videos & Sound ✦ Star Wars - Emperor Donald Trump dancing Terry Crews - Old Spice h3h3 - triggered feminist Family Guy - In Your Face Pewdiepie - Seriously what the f TOMIKKU NET - unboxing ♬ Music ♬ Kari Sigurdsson - Ascension Galantis - No Money Tarkan - Kiss Kiss Snap - The Power Two Steps From Hell - Victory Thanks to all the awesome people who created the music & content which was used in this video!

Monster Hunter Gone Wrong #3

Hope ya'll enjoy Episode #3 Feel free to tell us in the comments what you liked or disliked so you can help us improve the series over time! We will start working on episode #4 at 3999 likes and until then, Happy Hunting! Team Darkside: ► Twitter: ► Discord: ► Twitch: Thanks to all the awesome people who created the music & content which was used in this video! ✦ Credits ✦ Zino LV140 & Stygian LV140 by Suki: ► Anime intro - Boku No Hero Academia: ► Montana Black - Kein Call of Duty mehr: ► Star Wars - Sith Lord vs Yoda: ► Terry Crews old spice adl: ► KFC guy: ► Supernatural scene: ► Asian guy MH figure unboxing: ► Chibi Zinogre - artist unknown... tell us in the comments! ♬ Music ♬ Kari Sigurdsson - Ascension How could this happen to me House of Pain - Jump Around Alexander Klaws - Free Like The Wind Dont push Snap - The power Risitas - Issou Night Club Trololo - song Make sure to check out these awesome artists too!

MHW Pro Players VS Bazelgeuse - Dream Match At TGS 2018

Even pro players hate Bazelgeuse. Submit your video to if you want your video featured or edited, I will fully credit your video and channel. Also, I can provide a link to download the edited video so you can upload it to your own channel. If you don't like the edited version, I will take it down as soon as you send me a message. Join Discord: Donate: Subscribe: I do not own the original clip, I simply made some editing. Email me at for takedown if my video infringed your copyright. Outro Song: Voracity by Myth & Roid Stream Schedule: Weekday 5:00 PM PST Weekend Anytime Afternoon My Twitch Stream: My Twitter page:

Everything Wrong with Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Side of Dimensions

The last yugioh video of 2018 on this channel Support me on Patreon : Follow me on Twitter : My Twitch: Intro By : Check out my Sponsor's: End cards done by: ==Clips Used== ==Music Used==

MHWorld Shots: Arch Tempered Zorah in a Nutshell.

This animation was suppose to be out last week, but I had a week's break during Oct, so that kinda delayed it and now its kinda irrelevant, but nevertheless, heres my skit on AT Zorah.... base on actual hunting experiences we had.... Press F for Milo. Audio by Strelok Music: Zorah theme Nergigante theme fortnite dance music Undertale music - room of dog Flight Of The Bumblebee-Rimsky Korsakov Metal Gear Solid theme- Sons of Liberty LISA the painful music - Summer love Check out my Patreon, Facebook or twitter for updates and progress of this animation. Trail Mix Context:

180 likes for this comment? you guys are absolutely insane. Well, I had no choice but to make this video.

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