HOT WHEELS TRACK BUILDER GAME Torque Twister / Twinduction Sets Gameplay Video

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Ryan BECOMES A DRAGON with OSMO Hot Wheel™ MindRacers! Family Fun Loser gets Pie in the face!

Ryan BECOMES A DRAGON with s OSMO Hot Wheel™ MindRacers! Family Fun Playtime Loser gets Pie in the face! This is an ad for Osmo This is an advertisement for Osmo Click here to find out more about Osmo - • Visit the Osmo YouTube page to subscribe to the channel for cool videos on Osmo products. Kids can race and launch real Hot Wheels Cars that come to life! MindRacers come with 6 Hot Wheels cars that have their own unique personalities and super automotive powers! It’s parent vs. kid to see who can win the car race! Loser gets a pie in the face!

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Hot Wheels Track Builder Daredevil Drop Workshop 2013 multi-set track layout

Hot Wheels Daredevil Drop was one of four 'under $10' Hot Wheels Track Builder system sets. There were four sets at that size and I connect all four in this video! As you'll see in this review, this is not a part that I can recommend. When the stunt activates, the cars get bumped off of their path by the gate as they drive over it. I had reviewed Quick Kick Loop before and it's a fail. FAIL! Since I 'could' have had a defective unit, I went ahead and opened up my other box. Same poor design. I stronly do not recommend this set. Here's my original review The third set of similar box size was Lift & Launch (2013). While this one has a problem trying to get it engaged, it's OK. The fourth set that I connected was Hot Wheels Track Builder Hoop Shot. I really like this set =) Simple and it works! All of these sets were part of the Hot Wheels Track Builder Workshop series, copyright 2013. I'm a big fan of the Hot Wheels Track Builder system because it allows uses to create their own layouts! That being said, don't buy Quick Kick Loop or Daredevil Drop. =P No cars were included with the set so I used these Hot Wheels cars for the review: Hi-Tech Missile Clear Speeder Muscle Speeder Muscle Tone Red Bird (Angry Birds) Torque Twister Minion Pig (Angry Birds) Baila Mi Cumbia _Sting by Jimmy Fontanez_Media Right Productions Music from the YouTube Music Library Get perks! Loose car storage containers (Jammers), Tripods and other equipment I use (affiliate link) Race Grooves Channels: Track Time! Off The Pegs RaceGrooves Follow Race Grooves on your favorite social sites including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Fan Mail: Please, no walk-ins. Schedule an appointment!

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In this episode of Hot Wheels Track Builder I'm building my own awesome track with track changes and loopings. I also unlocked the Torque Twister and Twinduction cars

Leverage the power of Google’s Tango technology in the most realistic and fun Hot Wheels Track Building Game ever!


Use the power of your Tango device to zoom in on game objects, select and move pieces and customize your own killer track based on real-world Hot Wheels tracks and cars. Race a variety of cars and experiment with accurate physics in the most realistic Hot Wheels experience on a mobile device.


In Challenge Mode, you’ll play over 30 objective-based challenges to earn rewards, such as coins, new cars, track components or game objects. In Free Edit Mode, you can create, customize and save your very own tracks using any of the components you’ve earned by completing challenges. Set up your own stunts, create multi-car races, or create your own challenges using the skills you’ve learned in challenge mode.


The game is free-to-play. You’ll start the game with a limited amount of track components and cars to use in Free Edit mode. You can play challenges to unlock more content, and the better you score the more you earn.

Play here:

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