Monster Hunter World: New Map Coming?

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Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 & 4 Monster sizes

here's some Monster Hunter Ultimate monster sizes for you guys credit goes to Capcom

16 Monsters We Hope To See As DLCs In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has already seen massive heights as far as sales figures go, so Capcom would be a fool if they were to ignore to make good with that with monster DLCs. Other than the upcoming Deviljho, let’s talk about 16 more monsters we want to see as DLC in the future, hopefully for free. Before we begin, please note that is our list and our opinion about what monsters should be included as DLCs. Your list will definitely differ, so please keep in mind while watching this video! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

MHWorld Shots: New and Old Jho

Heres some differences between our fav pickle in the new game, Monster hunter world. which pickle do you like? Original or new pickle recipe? Audio by Strelok MUSIC CREDITS: Deviljho theme. Huma Huma Not Too Cray Nightwish Slow, Love, Slow Nightmare Creatures Soundtrack Boss 01 ~ Sewer Snake LISA: The painful rpg music - Garbage Day Spiral Knights Soundtrack - Treausre Vault Check out my Patreon, Facebook or twitter for updates and progress of this animation.

Evolution of Monster Hunter Games 2004-2018

Evolution of Monster Hunter Games 2004-2018 Monster Hunter 2004 Monster Hunter G 2005 Monster Hunter Freedom 2006 Monster Hunter 2 2006 Monster Hunter Freedom 2 2007 Monster Hunter Frontier 2007 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 2008 Monster Hunter 3 2009 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd 2010 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village 2010 Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting 2011 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 2011 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village G 2011 Felyne Puzzle 2012 Monster Hunter 4 2013 Monster Hunter Online 2013 Monster Hunter Frontier G 2013 Monster Hunter Massive Hunting 2013 Monster Hunter Big Game Hunting Quest 2013 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 2014 Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation 2014 Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine 2014 Monster Hunter Explore 2015 Monster Hunter Generations 2015 Monster Hunter Spirits 2015 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village DX 2015 Monster Hunter Frontier Z 2016 Monster Hunter Stories 2016 Monster Hunter Spirits 2 Triple Souls 2016 Monster Hunter XX 2017 Monster Hunter World 2018

Could You Swing A Real Monster Hunter Sword?

How strong would you need to be to hunt giants and slay beasts, Monster Hunter style? Kyle goes on a hands-on quest to find out the answer, complete with giant sword IRL! Thanks to Monster Hunter: World for making this video possible! Monster Hunter: World is available now for PS4 & Xbox One – learn more and pick up a copy here: Subscribe for more Because Science: More science: Watch more Because Science: Follow Kyle Hill: Follow us on FB: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow Nerdist: Because Science every Thursday.

In this video we check out the interview from Famitsu.
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