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Crawl: Review and Gameplay

Quick review of the game Crawl. Check it out bellow. Get it here: Base script for this video: So if you're unlike me and you have an actual group of friends you hang out with, you're probably sick of playing Smash Brothers, Nidhogg and TowerFall all the time. So how are you gonna break it up? If you haven't noticed from the title of this video, I'll be talking about Crawl. Putting the shitty and generic name to the side, Crawl is a local multiplayer game where you have to do your best to fuck your friends over. Sounds great doesn't it? So how does it work? You need 4 friends to sit around the TV, but keep in mind that the game is complicated and not friendly to noobs and girlfriends. You can do it with bots but that sucks. If you don't hate any of them particularly you would want to equip everybody with an Xbox controller. I know we're the master race, but some things just work better this way. So you all go into the game, pick a name and chose a God to worship. Each god provides 3 monsters which the player may randomly turn into. When everybody is ready… c'mon it doesn't really matter what your name is… When everybody is ready you're all placed in a nasty dungeon and have to battle. It's a complete free for all and usually a huge mess. Whoever wins remains human and everybody else is turned into ghosts. The human's goal is now to traverse the randomly generated dungeons and to gain levels to enter the boss room. It's not so easy, though, because the ghosts can haunt a plethora of items to hit the player with. Like this trap. Or this flamethrower. That doesn't look pleasant. Or this son of a bitch. Mostly, the ghosts will take these pentagrams, which spawn a random monster based on which god the ghost picked in the beginning of the game. These monsters can range from shitty fish… To Smaug's big brother. The ghosts start with weak monsters first and must collect wrath to upgrade them between dungeon levels. Wrath is awarded when opposing players level up as to naturally increase the game difficulty and prevent snowballing. Wrath can only be spent on the upgrade screen after a level, so ghosts can alter their strategy for the upcoming dungeon. Other things you would be collecting are Ectoplasm and Gold. Ectoplasm is those brown shits you may see on the screen. When a ghost collects 4 Ectoplasm a slime is dropped. That slime can be haunted and used to attack the player. Gold is a bit more complicated. Ghosts get it when they damage the hero and the Hero gets it when they kill monsters, open chests or even as a random drop from a well. This way the player is encouraged to explore more instead of running away while the ghosts have a pretty solid positive feedback loop which rewards them for doing their job. Smart design. Of course, gold isn't just something fancy you carry around your neck. There is a shop on every level which the living player can utilize to buy weapons, special attacks and certain scrolls with certain buffs and effects. The true job of the ghosts, though, is to be the player who deals the final damage and kills the human. This is considered redemption and the killer ghost becomes the living human. And since only the human can actually win, the ghosts will naturally strive to kill the current human. What is winning, though? What's the meaning of life? In Crawl it is to simply kill the boss. Every dungeon has a boss attached to it. Which one you will get is randomly decided and you'll only know when you enter the boss portal. There is a portal on every level, but you must be at least level 10 and a human to open it. When the portal is opened everybody is teleported to a preparation room. Different bosses have different activities in these rooms like a small tutorial on how to fight the boss or a simple health buff. The cool part starts when you get to the actual boss. Having the human fight a big enemy with the ghosts just sitting around would be extremely boring, so every boss is separated in 3 parts which can be haunted by the ghosts. Bosses are a highly cooperative fight – this is the ghosts' final chance to stop the human, so they must work together to beat him. If the human manages to beat the boss the game simply ends and the scoreboard is shown. The human will be first with the ghosts ranked based on their performance. If the human is defeated, everybody is just sent back to the dungeon to keep playing. HOWEVER, if you fail to kill the boss 3 times, you're ranked last and the ghosts are all winners. This is a neat little feature to stop the game from getting too long and repetitive.

Crawl Launch Trailer

Crawl is OUT NOW for Windows, Mac & Linux, not to mention PS4 and Xbox One! Website Steam music by Alex Yoder narration by Adrian Vaughan

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Lively, inventive, attractive multiplayer dungeon romp.

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