Hot Wheels Mini Quad City Playset Turbo Wash Police Pursuit Pit Stop Station Speed Junction

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Hot Wheels Sto & Go Classic City Playset Demonstration of Features

In this video we are taking a look at the features on the Hot Wheels Sto & Go City Playset. This set is a Target exclusive and it is a modern style remake of the sets they used to make around the 1980s. It's a pretty cool reissue. It even has the little bell on the bottom level, which I think is awesome. Check out my other videos! Hot Wheels Tune Up Shop Playset Matchbox Bear Mountain Pop Up Adventure Set Hot Wheels Super Electronic City Center Playset Hot Wheels World Super Highway Playtrack Hot Wheels Mega Garage Playset

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Pencilmate Glued to his Cell Phone! -in- CALL OR NOTHING & More Pencilmation Cartoons for Kids

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Create Customize And Race Your Own Vehicles With The Hot Wheels Fusion Factory! Ckn Toys Unboxing

Hi guys, today we are going to create our very own Hot Wheels cars with this Fusion Factory Playset. Now you can create your own unique customized cars! Use the Hot Wheels Fusion Factory to create custom silicone vehicle bodies then add a chassis and accessories and they’re ready to race! The Hot Wheels Fusion Factory puts you in the driver seat of vehicle design with tons of options. You can make up to 4 epic Hot Wheels cars right out of the box! These cars aren’t just for show— they can hit epic loops, ramps and stunts with true Hot Wheels performance, too. It’s safe and easy to use. Choose your car mold and insert into the top of the factory. Select a color (2 color syringes included) and insert your selection and the mixing stick into the machine. Pull the lever down to start mixing the materials. Set the timer and wait for the silicone to cure (timer included). Finally remove the body from the mold and attach a chassis (4 chassis included). Then really get detailed! Customize the car with awesome accessories and get ready to race a new speed machine! Thanks for watching guys ,if you enjoy this video please don't forget to subscribe to CKN Toys for more fun and toys.

In this video I connected four mini Hot Wheels playsets together to make a city! Here we have the Turbo Wash, Police Pursuit, Pit Stop Station, and Speed Junction sets, as well as orange track to connect them together.

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