Top 7 Most Unusual and Funniest Looking Cars Ever Made. Strangest and Weirdest Vehicles Ever

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Review: 2018 Renault Twizy | Coolest Electric Car?

For today's review, we take an in-depth tour of the fully electric Renault Twizy; interior and exterior. Is the Renault Twizy the coolest looking battery-powered car? We find out... The Twizy is provided by Renault Lebanon. Starting Price in Lebanon: $19,000 (including VAT) The Renault Twizy is a 6.1KWh battery powered quadricycle which is different from anything you have ever experienced. Its 17hp output isn't much if you think about it but you don't need more. It feels nimble and quick due to a 474kg chassis. The coolest feature is the optional Lambo doors which are perfect for tight parking spaces. ---- Songs ---- GREEMZ - LUA (FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS) NEKZLO - HEADING HOME (FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS) NOWË - Horizon (Free Music for Vlogs) Yoo description squad! Thanks for 730 subscribers! If you're reading this, then you're now part of our description squad. You must therefore like this video and subscribe for plenty of more to come... oh and have a nice day ;) Road to 1000 subscribers #MasterCarsReview #RenaultTwizy

2017 Crowdfunding Campaign Video | Uniti - Electric Car

Why doesn't Uniti look like a normal car? Because electric car technology is completely different to combustion engine technology, which gave it the "car shape" in the first place. We have designed the vehicle to match electric car technology, modern human machine interaction, and modern trends in consumer electronics. Find all information about our equity-crowdfunding campaign here: Uniti is reinventing city transportation. Our electric city car brings a new approach to safety and sustainability is scheduled to launch later this year, and production is planned for 2018. This is an exciting time for Uniti, and you can now be part of it! With subtitles in English, Deutsch och Svenska. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become part of the shift to electric mobility! Follow the regular updates of our journey towards the prototype by subscribing below. ► Subscribe here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Team Uniti: #teamuniti ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► LinkedIn: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uniti is a light electric vehicle made from sustainable composite materials and boasting unique features such as a fully electronic steering system and a full-screen smart heads-up display, as well as a unique approach to safety and sustainability. The vehicle will be launched later this year and first deliveries are scheduled for early 2019. More coming soon...

Top 10 Smallest Cars and Best 2-seater Electric Vehicles for City Driving

Modern cities suffer from various ecological problems, some of which may be solved with the help of electric transport. Electric vehicles proved to be quiet and more eco-friendly than other popular means of modern transportation. So are there any good solutions that will make you think that it is the right time to get an electric car for city driving? Let’s take a closer look. Cars featured in this video: Nissan BladeGlider: Morgan EV3: Ingenius EV: Toyota i-ROAD: Renault Twizy: Sero Electric: Soki: Electra Meccanica Solo: Smart Fortwo Electric: Reva NXG:

This Guy Transformed His Ugly Car Into Something Marvelous

(mercedes benz clk class transformed) A Lithuanian man refurbishes scrap cars with expandable foam and cardboard stencils. They start out looking like regular junkyard cars, but when he's done...WOW. Here's how he builds his masterpieces To help me Continue making these Awesome Videos you can always Donate via PayPal:

Amazing compilation of most craziest and funniest design cars all time. Strangest and ugliest cars in the world.
6. Maybach Exelero
4. Flatmobile
3. Brooke Swan Car
2. Smart Monster Truck
1. GM XP-21 Firebird III

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