IRON DANGER - Pre Alpha Gameplay Trailer 2018 (PC)

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6 WONDERS, HUGE NEW UPDATE! | They Are Billions Beta 0.8 Update Gameplay

They Are Billions got a new update that adds in 6 new Wonders, unit balance changes and more! We'll be building all 6 new Wonders in this playthrough and checking out what their new effects are and we'll be letting them get destroyed as well! We also make 2,400 soldiers and 200 Lucifers to fight the final wave to see how the new balance patch is and if the units are better! You're Watching: 6 WONDERS, HUGE NEW UPDATE! | They Are Billions Beta 0.8 Update Gameplay Hit that 🔔BELL🔔 and join the 🔥NOTIFICATION SQUAD!🔥 Join the #KibzKrew today! MORE THEY ARE BILLIONS! ➤ MYSTERY Link! ➤ 🔥 SUBSCRIBE ➤➤ 👾 DISCORD: 💎 TWITTER: About They Are Billions: They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans. Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse? In my videos, typically I only cover the final wave in which billions of zombies come to try and destroy your Command Center while trying out crazy strategies. From making 2000 snipers, hundreds of Titans, Shock Towers Only, you name it; I like to have fun and try some crazy stuff! I don't really go over beating the game, or necessarily make the 'Best Defense Possible' because I aim to make these videos as epic and entertaining as possible. Of course, whenever They Are Billions gets a new update I will cover that as well. Since They Are Billions is still in Beta, the game will be getting plenty more updates including new towers, new zombies, new wonders, a campaign, and much much more! When covering these updates, I'll show off what the new updates add to the game as well as try to do something crazy against the final wave as well. With the new update 0.8 there are also 6 new Wonders to build. The Six Wonders are the biggest and most amazing ones you can build for the colony. But, as mighty as they are, they’re also really expensive to build. Tons of resources are required for both researching and building them. In return, they grant very special features to the colony, and also increase the final score with extra victory points. You can only build one of each kind in the same map. Building all of them can be challenging or almost impossible, but that's part of the strategy. If you have the resources to build just one, chose carefully which will suit your colony best, given the current map, your resources production... The Lightning Spire This portentous structure reaches toward the sky, capturing the energy of lightning for the colony. In addition, it extends the power supply, acting as a huge Tesla Tower. The Atlas Transmutator No one knows how it works, but this extraordinary and smoky metal spawn is capable of transforming common materials into precious oil. The Victorious This unbreakable bunker stands as the most amazing symbol of the victory of humanity against the infected. It's a beacon of hope and courage for everyone in the colony. The Academy of Immortals In this glorious academy, the most famous heroes train the army to battle with the skills and courage of experienced veteran soldiers. All army units and new units trained are veteran. The Crystal Palace This magnificent architectural wonder generates its own climate control environment, where the best crops bloom and thrive, feeding the colony even in the most barren lands. The Silent Beholder It’s the most precise and complex machine ever created. The Beholder is installed on top of the Command Center revealing the entire map. Nothing can escape its prodigious eye. Reveals all the map and enemies permanently.

Iron Danger proof of concept trailer Iron Danger - proof of concept trailer. Paron Pictures 2015 Directed, Produced and written by Sami Timonen Produced by Ariyuki Suzuki Taku Suzuki Jussi Kemppainen Cinematography by Heikki Slåen Cast Jani Sarviluoma Lauri Konttori Saana Valkama Risto Santala Anttti Filatoff Antti Wennström Stephan Chung Utti Hietala Camera assistant Sonja Huttunen Technocrane operator Juha Niska Grip master Aleksi Ahonen Grip Sakari Rinta-Valkama Best boy Kari Virtanen Grip assist Frej Blomqvist Teemu Rosengvist Music by Ilmari Hakkola Sound design by Mika Niinimaa Film Editing by Jussi Kemppainen Joonas Rissanen Storyboard by J.P Saari Sami Timonen Assistant director Patrick Almgren Runners Jarmo Koskela Jaakko Iija Kimmo Männistö Jenni Virta Prop design by Bjarke Aalto Juhani Suolahti Erkka Herola Production assistant Elina Penninkangas Timo Savunen Susa Hakamäki Catering by Saara Kuoppamäki Villilän kartano 3D Modeling by Tomi Väisänen Ilkka Leino Taneli Oksama Sakari Leppä Jaakko Stenius Manu Järvinen Petteri Stavén Janne Roivainen Sami Timonen Shading by Gonzalo Díaz-Palacios Sisternes Sami Timonen Lighting and rendering by Sami Timonen Iiro Harra Kustaa Vuori Matte paintings by Tuomas Korpi Raine Kuusi Jarno Saarinen Rigging by Wilhelm Tigersted Animation by Janne Roivainen Micky Smeds Meruan Salim Sami Timonen Visual effects supervisor Jussi Kemppainen Visual effects by Iiro Harra Jussi Kemppainen Kustaa Vuori Compositing by Jussi Kemppainen Elmeri Raitanen Patrick Almgren Tuomo Kälviäinen Santeri Piilonen Ilmari Hakkola Tomi Väisänen Kustaa Vuori Iiro Harra Sami Timonen Ville Westerlund Color grading by Jussi Kemppainen Costume design by Katri Penttien Hanna Pekkala Hair styling by Outi Heino Creature makeup design by Eija Hakkarainen Makeup by Eija Hakkarainen Pihla Valli Jonna Saaranen Sanna Uusimaa Ari Arvola Still photography by Thomas Lepeska Carine Becker Concept art by Elias Ekblad Ture Ekroos Jukka Rajaniemi Joel Sammallahti Ilkka Leino Taneli Oksama Ville Assinen Antti Kemppainen Ead Weard Sami Timonen Tomi Väisänen Valtteri Heinonen Veera Penttinen Legal Minna Raitanen Hannu Partanen Special thanks to Hanna, Elias and Lukas Ekblad Antti Ripatti Toni Suokas Matti Paavilainen Risto Sarkki Pirjo and Hannu Sievänen Heikki Timonen and Riita Keski-Marttula Saara Kuoppamäki Kiia, Tuisku & Myy Kemppainen Aaron Lahtinen Elias Lönnrot Samuli Torssonen Lisa Wennström Tintti Purtonen Jaakko Sarno Tuuli Almgren Jaana, Emma and Alex Saarinen Jan, Tami & Luka Backlund Sari Iija Joni & Milja Kaitaranta Erkki Lilja Vanessa Riki Tuomas Gustafsson Ismo Palmamäki

IRON DANGER - Pre Alpha Gameplay Trailer 2018 (PC)


Iron Danger is being developed by a small but driven team of experienced game industry professionals. We’re united by a common vision: bringing something new and vibrant to gaming while combining all the best parts of our favorite video game genres and telling a kickass story along the way. Follow our team and check out what each of us is working on to bring Kipuna’s journey and the world of Iron Danger to life.

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