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Pocket Bhangra - Dhol, Tumbi, Tabla iPhone App

Pocket Bhangra is three Bhangra instruments featuring studio-quality recordings from professional Bhangra musicians all rolled up in one app! DHOL The heart of Punjabi music and dance, this drum provides the strong beat in Bhangra music. Pocket Bhangra's dhol brings you: * clean, studio-quality audio samples from a professional dholi: Ronny from A-Slam Music Productions * clear "hit zones" as to where to tap the dhol to produce the different sounds * fluid animations of the dugga and tilli sticks * ability to play the dhol along with tumbi or tabla loops TUMBI The single, yet unmistakable, string that provides the melody in Bhangra music. Pocket Bhangra's tumbi brings you: * clean, studio-quality audio samples from a professional tumbi player: Tumbiwalla * a four note scale with an upstroke and downstroke for each note * a tuning mechanism to change the pitch of the tumbi to match any Bhangra song * clear "hit zones" as to where to strum and fret notes * hammer-on and pull-off notes (when strum button is held down) * slide notes (when strum button is held down) * ability to play the tumbi along with dhol or tabla loops TABLA These pair of drums allow you to vary the pitch of the percussive sounds. Pocket Bhangra's tabla brings you: * clean, studio-quality audio samples from a professional tabla player: Didar Singh * a tuning mechanism to change the pitch of each tabla drum * clear "hit zones" as to where to hit tabla * a special "sliding hit zone" to produce a waving sound on the bayan drum * ability to play the tabla along with dhol or tumbi loops STAY TUNED! MORE INSTRUMENTS BEING ADDED SOON!

iTabla Pro Demo: The best electronic Tanpura & Tabla App!

Here is an in-depth review and demo of iTablaPro, a fantastic Electronic Tanpura with Tabla App. I love this app so much and it has been so useful to my Sitar education that I made a review and demo. I think this is the best electronic Tanpura and Tabla app you can buy. ---------- Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Help support me on Patreon: Check out my Etsy shop for sitar themed products: ---------- Watch more of my sitar videos: Watch my short films: Watch my guitar videos: Social:

Tutorial: Shape of you-Ed Sheeran (cover with Super Pads)

Hi guys and this is my first tutorial on my channel. Thanks you Enzo for the intro. my last Vidéo: my channel: Super Pads's Channel: You can follow me on: instagram: yhugo_slave Snapchat: yhugo_slave ________________________________________________________________ Enjoy ;)

4 Best Musical Instrument Apps for Android

4 Best Musical Instrument Apps for Android 1. Violin: Magical Bow 2. Piano + 3. Real Drum 4. Guitar +

Best Apps To Learn Guitar

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Toaday i will b show best tabla app for android and best dhol app for android app 2017-2018 by android urdu/hindi

The best tabla app for Android. The mystic indian percussion!
Do you want to learn how to play the mystical Indian percussion? Improve your technique with the best app experience. From the same developer of REAL DRUM, REAL GUITAR, REAL PERCUSSION and FUNK BRASIL. Meet TABLA: The best and most complete free Android app on Google Play.

Super simple to use! The app simulates a real Indian percussion kit on the screen of your phone/tablet. To play, you simply touch your fingers on the pads and the sound of the instrument plays simultaneously. A fun, easy-to-use and lightweight application. Ideal for anyone who wants to study or play percussion without making too much noise or taking up too much space.

Tabla is a Hindu percussion musical instrument, widely used in India, usually in devotional or meditative music. Also known as Arabic percussion, darbukkah, darbouka or dumbak.

You also do not need to know how to play Tabla! The app comes with 10 rhythm lessons with a tutorial for you to learn to play. Also comes with 9 super cool loops to play together like: Sarod, Sitar and Tanpura. And even lets you keep track of the music live.

Made for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners. Easy to use! Play anytime and test your skill with a super real set!

Check out the details TABLA APP:
- Exclusive Multitouch
- 12 pads
- Studio Audio Quality
- 10 examples of super fun rhythms with tutorial
- 9 styles of super loops to play along
- Recording mode
- High fidelity percussion kit
- Export your MP3 recordings
- Works in all screen resolutions - Mobiles and Tablets (HD Images)
- Free Application
- Easy to use
- Simple handling
- Make a HIT and become a legend!
- Touch & play!

We are musicalizing the world! It is super easy to learn how to play the lessons from the Tabla. Just follow the tips. Let's go to the courts:

- Touch the blue icon (play), then choose the lessons tab and choose a lesson.
- Touch the purple icon and in seconds the tutorial starts. Look on the screen for "Listen" as the original rhythm being played.
- When the "Start" was shown, touch the pink pads and follow the lesson. Good luck!

With differentiated gameplay our super pads allow you to play multiple instruments at the same time without any audio lag. Come on! Touch & play!

Play along with 9 fun and simple super loops. Instruments like Sarod, Sitar and Tanpura for a more realistic percussion experience.

Come on and play with the most complete free mystical and magic Android app for mobile. Join one of Tabla's biggest fan communities. Show your talent for friends and family. Have millions of fans around the world.

The app is free, but you can remove all ads by purchasing a license!

Try the best and most complete Indian percussion! The simplest app of Google Play to use!

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