Kruz Buying Powered Ride On Ford Raptor At Walmart Somebody Stole His Wheel on His Flatbed Truck

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HUGE POWER WHEELS COLLECTIONS PART 2! Kid Loading All Of His Power Wheels Ride On Cars For Kids

Kruz having fun playing with his dads rollback as he loads all his powered ride on cars collections. You can also watch the other videos where he unloads all his power wheels ride on collections.

Mini Rollback Broke Down Powered Ride On Dodge Ram Grave Digger Lightning McQueen on the Trailer

Kruz was on the way to get his two car trailer at the parking lot with the powered ride on Monster Jam Grave Digger and Disney Car Lightning McQueen cars. But the dodge's rear end burned up. Kruz was going to use his mini rollback to haul the Dodge Ram and pull the two car trailer. Watch till the end if Kruz's mini rollback was able to pull the two car trailer up with Dodge Ram, grave digger and lightning McQueen. Thank y'all for watching! Don't forget to subscribe !

Christmas Morning 2016 Opening Presents with Ryan ToysReview

Christmas Morning 2016 Ryan Opens Surprised Presents!! Most of the gifts were from family and friends! There's a Christmas Disney Toy Trains from santa! Lots of kids toys for children to play with! This year Ryan's twin babies sisters Emma and Kate also got presents and it's baby first christmas! Ryan open presents for babies this holiday! Thanks for watching this kid opening presents video on Christmas with Ryan's Family! Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holiday everyone!

Sidewalk Cops Scene From Ford F-150 Extreme Unboxing

This is a scene from our Power Wheels Ford F150 Unboxing video on the Gabe and Garrett channel. This Sidewalk Cops scene was at the end of the video and some of you Sidewalk Cops fans may have missed it! That is why we're putting it separately here! Thank you!

Kids - Đồ chơi xe tăng, ô tô và búp bê

Hello kids, Kruz went to Walmart with his custom built powered ride on flatbed truck and trailer to go shopping. He found a powered ride on Ford Raptor truck and bought it. After loading it, he noticed his flatbed truck don't have the front wheel anymore, somebody stole it! He put the spare wheel for his trailer just to get back home.

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