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Gemcraft Chasing Shadows - Shadow Core Farm

Using this method it is possible to get around 400-700 Shadow Cores/Minute on field F1 Good luck trying this yourself ;)

Firewatch: PC-Game Review

This was quite lovely, if a shade on the short side.

GemCraft Chasing Shadows 9,000,000,000+ EXP + Ultimate Mana Farm Technique

Technique from AngelPuppetslayer. It's a pretty solid combination with bloobound + mana leech all the way (and a hint of slow and chain hit helps)! I haven't able to get endurance down yet, but so far the mana leech works [almost] godly. WIzard Level: 917 Field: L1 Basically max battle traits (you might wanna adjust to your ability)

Clicker Heroes 2 Beta - Review

Incremental clicking-game that ISN'T EVIL? Moreish, without the temptation to spend, and a massive improvement over Clicker Heroes 1 to my mind.

GemCraft: Chasing Shadows Low Level (156) Mana Farm

SEE COMMENTARY BELOW ABOUT THE NEW RELEASE. I couldn't find a tutorial that showed a mana farm using mid-to-low-level abilities, and doing so turns out to be pretty finicky, so here's mine. Here's some related tutorials and stuff that I used:

I can't avoid it any longer. Number-crunchingly morish, and quite possibly evil, these are some of the most ravenous time-devourers available for the over-worked.

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