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GemCraft Chasing Shadows 9,000,000,000+ EXP + Ultimate Mana Farm Technique

Technique from AngelPuppetslayer. It's a pretty solid combination with bloobound + mana leech all the way (and a hint of slow and chain hit helps)! I haven't able to get endurance down yet, but so far the mana leech works [almost] godly. WIzard Level: 917 Field: L1 Basically max battle traits (you might wanna adjust to your ability)

Gemcraft Chasing Shadows Review - Worth a buy?

Gemcraft Chasing Shadows Review is it Worth a buy? Create and combine powerful gems with towers, and use them in intricate ways to defend yourself against endless waves of monsters. Fight your way through an epic story, unfolding mysteries and facing sinister enemies and artifacts to entrap the Forgotten. Steam Store: Donation Page My Other Channel Worth A Buy Group Worth A Buy Curator Steam My Twitch Channel Facebook

Gemcraft Chasing Shadows - Shadow Core Farm

Using this method it is possible to get around 400-700 Shadow Cores/Minute on field F1 Good luck trying this yourself ;)

Gemcraft Labyrinth Walkthrough Part 1 (G13, F13, E13, E12, D12, D13)

Gemcraft Labyrinth series First Part. This Part has the first 6 Story Levels

Clicker Heroes 2 Beta - Review

Incremental clicking-game that ISN'T EVIL? Moreish, without the temptation to spend, and a massive improvement over Clicker Heroes 1 to my mind. Suspect that Steam refund rules would apply to Steam purchases. Best to purchase direct:

I can't avoid it any longer. Number-crunchingly morish, and quite possibly evil, these are some of the most ravenous time-devourers available for the over-worked.

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