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[Fallout 4] The 5 Coolest Mod Releases of the Past Week

IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING, speak with a counselor: I've personally used online counseling and I recommend it to anyone who is experiencing challenges in their life. I recommend BetterHelp, which has over 2000 fully-licensed counselors, and you will get matched to one that is unique to you. It starts at $45 to $65 per week, but the price goes DOWN after 3 months. TRY ONLINE COUNSELING: Today with another advertiser friendly edition (please) we check out some of the best mods coming out for Fallout 4 in the past week! These are Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, PC, and even some now being released for PS4. Merch: Twitter: Discord: The Mods: Buttons - Companion: PC - Annex The Commonwealth: PC - Pip-boy 2000: PC - Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 - Britain's Finest: PC - Xbox One - Handmade Anti-Materiel R (REDUX): PC - Xbox One - Thumbnail: Author - Shoeburglar Psyc Fun Fact:

FALLOUT 76 - Why Are We Alone in Vault 76?

Based on the teaser trailer we received for Fallout 76 it looks like the protagonist is alone in Vault 76. A lot of people are wondering what happened and why? Well here are my thoughts. #Fallout #Fallout76 #Vault76 Like. Comment. Subscribe. Intro Outro Hit me up on all of my social networks below! SugarBombed Twitter Instagram Facebook Snapchat: davidnoother Twitch Sponsored by JagGrips: Use code 'Dashing' for 5% off Disclaimer: The videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes. They are made under the context of satire, parody, and comedy and are created under the guidelines of fair use for criticism purposes. Please do not attack, bully, or harass anyone you see in the videos. That is not the intended purpose of them. Thank You

Fallout 4|Guía "Todas las pinturas para las servoarmaduras"

muy buenas gente! hoy os traigo una guía de fallout 4 en la que explico como conseguir y muestro las distintas pinturas que podemos conseguir para tunear nuestras servoarmaduras, espero que os sea de utilidad. Canal secundario de tonterías varias: TWITTER:

FALLOUT 76 TRAILER BREAKDOWN and Inside Gaming Reunion!

Sponsored by Warner Bros. Tag: in theaters June 15. Hello? Is this thing on? Is anyone home? Regardless, we’re still going to waste your time with Fallout 76 speculation, just like to Good Old Days. Remember YES!? Remember Todd Howard? Remember what it felt like to live and love and laugh? Experience it all again with us. The movie Tag is about a bunch of good friends who come back together to play a juvenile game of tag. In that spirit, we got these not-so-good friends to reunite and talk about juvenile games. Get tickets to Tag here: You're welcome.

Will There Be Drivable Cars In Fallout 76?

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Horarios del E3 (horario peninsular):
-EA: Sábado, 9 de Junio (20:00)
-Devolver Digital: Domingo, 10 de Junio (05:00)
-Microsoft: Domingo, 10 de Junio (22:00)
-Bethesda: Lunes, 11 de Junio (05:30)
-Square Enix: Lunes, 11 de Junio (19:00)
-Ubisoft: Lunes, 11 de Junio (22:00)
-PC Gaming Show: Martes, 12 de Junio (00:00)
-Sony: Martes, 12 de Junio (03:00)
-Nintendo: Martes, 12 de Junio (18:00)

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