Hot Wheels Creature cars collections (Spider theme) Part 3 review

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Dumpster Diving #72 Hot Wheels

I went dumpster diving at the thrift store where i find clothes, electronics, toys, hot wheels, shoes, bags, dishes, china, free stuff lots of free stuff, thats right free money, hope you enjoy watching my videos on dumpster diving as much as i enjoy making dumpster diving videos, Most of my dumpster diving finds I give away to someone that can use it in my community or i take it to another thrift store in a different town. I Am not selling my finds so please don't ask, im not going to mail anything to anyone no more, its not worth it to me and the lady at the post office keeps complaining like share and subscribe for more dumpster diving videos → Click here to Subscribe ← follow me on Instagram and Twitter @random_load → ← → ← Positive comments only!!!! negatives comment will be deleted and you will be muted from commenting thanks for watching and have a nice day


Well is just reward cars and I'M SO HAPPY GOT THIS ONE AND FOR BLACK GOLD SERIES 50TH ANNIVERSARY SKIP IT. god jesus christ thank you very much, well i cannot spoil it just watch this video. the music you can see in this links cars informations:

Hot Wheels Turbo Driver The Jungle

Hot Wheels Turbo Driver, using Arachnorod

Hot Wheels Power Pro or Super Tsunami (パワープロ / スーパー津波) 2002 First Editions Review

thanks to wikipedia for toyota supra informations and more accurate for licensed vehicle. but for Power Pro thanks to other hot wheels wikia. Hot Wheels Wikia sucks with japanese words for super tsunami or Power Pro here's the words ホットウィール パワープロ (Hottou~īru Pawāpuro) / ホットウィール スーパー津波 (Hottou~īru Sūpā tsunami) FIGHT ME! hot wheels wikia is not true japan fans, i think they need more watches anime or tokusatsu to learn more about japanese words and language. don't only learn at JDM cars only. Booooooo. only Weeaboos can learn that japanese words and language LOL LOL. This car also appears on hot wheels Beat That games links in here: News Indonesia Sulawesi island Tsunami incident: cars informations:

NOT 400 TIMES YOU DUMB IS 4 TIMES | Hot Wheels Speed Slayer 2018 Review Super Chromes

there's a mistake on my speaking so i apologize. is already 5th colors of Speed Slayers. Cars Informations:

From Arachnorod, Spider Rider, Speed Spider and Street Creeper. I Love spider. who is allergic or afraid of spider? i'm not Afraid of spider.

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