Alfawise U20 Updated Review and Firmware update. Best 3D printer under $300

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Alfawise U20 3D Printer Review

Alfawise U20 at Gearbest - $279 with $20 off code GB-$20OFF Ender 3 on sale for $179 - My review of the Alfawise U-20 3D printer

How long will a 3D printed cylinder head last? Let's find out!

Link to the 3D cylinder heads being made: How long will a 3D printed cylinder head last? In this video, I test both PLA and ABS plastic 3D printed cylinder heads (made by Terry from Southern Manitoba Canada--thank you Terry!). The cylinder heads and gaskets look amazing and they were designed with great precision. Thanks to all who recommended this video idea! Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.


I've finally tested the 20% Carbon Fiber filled filament from ColorFabb. Let's find out how it performs! Test samples and methods: ColorFabb XT-CF20: Genuine Hardened Steel nozzels from E3D: 💚 Support me on Patreon: 🏆 Do you want to help me cover my running costs? Send me a dollar or two over PayPal, it helps me a lot! 🚀 Support me by using my AMAZON affiliate links 🔽 . Doesn't cost you a penny, but I get a small percentage. 🌼 Even watching the ads before my videos helps me a lot! Follow me on Twitter: DISCLAIMER: NONE of these tests were performed with any officially calibrated test equipment. The values presented in this video are for information/entertainment only and will not be comparable to any official tests!

Cheap 3D printer with 3 linear rails - How the Cetus changed my mind

Get one: Pay my filament bills: What's that screwdriver? Until now I was a 3D printing sceptic. What good could come from cheap hardware trying to lay down layers of plastic strings? But as soon as I saw this machine I suddenly wanted to give it a try. A minimalistic, functional design, real linear rails on all 3 axes and a low price somehow resonated with my inner CNC aficionado. And I was not disappointed. I have found no problems at all and I suspect, that it will now become a regular on the show :)

Inside a Chinese 3D Printing Factory - in Shenzhen, China

Today we go inside a Chinese 3D printing factory in Shenzhen, Lexcent, to see their industrial SLA 3D printing operation. Not quite what we were expecting, but super interesting nonetheless! Share this video: Subscribe to the channel here: 3D Printing Factory: Sasha's Youtube channel: My Gear: Main camera: Other camera: Main lens: Other lens: Microphone: Little tripod: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Music -- Old School Freestyle 2 - Andreas Ericson (licensed through Epidemic Sound) Quantum by Blossom Learning (licensed through Art List)

Whats shaking homies so today I just wanted to revisit the Alfawise U20 3D printer. So I previously reviewed this printer and since it has exceeded my expectations and so has the companies support. They have come out with several firmware updates and this latest update is really awesome. In this video I show how to update the 3D printer firmware and just kind of redo the review. you can get the firmware here This printer is on sale right now and crazy cheap at only $279 at this link and with code GB-$20OFF I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

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