The Abandoned Dealership Still Full Of Cars!

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Abandoned Hoarders House with Classic Cars Everything Left

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Abandoned Millionaires Royal Hotel With Cars And Everything Inside

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Abandoned Ships, Ferries and Liners

But that’s not what ships are for. A very well-known quote about ships, and so very true. One of the more recent ships that had to be abandoned in a hurry, was the Italian Cruise liner, the Costa Concordia. Tragedy struck in 2012, and 32 people died in this awful incident. The ship was valued at $500 million, and the captain – who caused this tragedy, was imprisoned for manslaughter. 7 - Rough Seas Ahead… 1951 was the year the SS Independence was launched. This luxurious liner was often frequented by Hollywood stars and royalty. Ownership changed in the 1970’s, and then in the 80’s returned to her original makers. By the 90’s, money was tight and it was difficult to keep her afloat. 2001 her owner filed for bankruptcy, and the ship was resold several times. The ship was due to be scrapped in India, but the government forbade her entry, as she was still filled with toxic waste that would damage their coastline. The ship was finally beached off Alang, and torn to pieces. 6 - Once upon a time… It may not look like much now, but this boat was built in 1865 – and these are still some of its remains. Called The Darra, she used to be a fast tea clipper working for the Orient line. She was then an immigrant ship for the new Australians in 1887 and eventually gutted by fire in 1899. It was towed to Quail Island in 1951 where its remained ever since. 5 - A sailor’s life for me… This record setter ship is called the SS United States. And in 1952 it managed to travel across the ocean in just 3 days, 10 hours and 40 minutes. The ship was retired in 1969 and many years later, towed to Pennsylvania, where it’s now a rusty, futile eye-sore. 4 - A little seasick… 1955 was the year the beautiful MV Aurora was launched in West Germany. She has sailed under many different names, including Delos, Polar Star, Pacific Star, Xanadu, Expex, Faithful and Aurora. She could carry 1600 passengers, and was sadly declared abandoned in 2007. Her current owner is Christopher Wilson, and she’s currently being restored. Sadly, there seem to be a number of legalities concerning this girl, and there’s a good chance she’ll end up being sold for scrap. 3 - Where good ferries go to die… We’ve seen an airplane graveyard before, but this is Staten Island’s Abandoned Ferries – which is just as eerie. It’s the final resting place for boating wrecks, where they are left to rot. The ferries are particularly eye-catching, as they played such an important role at some point in their lives, ensuring that people were able to get to and from work. It’s sad to see them rotting away like that. 2 - The motion of the ocean… This liner comes out of Yugoslavia, and was a cruise ship specifically built to cash in on the lucrative market of travelling through the Alaskan and Antarctic waters. The MV Lyobov Orlova sailed for 25-years before it was seized due to huge debts owing on it. She was sold to Neptune International Shipping in 2012, who had intentions of breaking her up for scraps – however, whilst transporting her, the rope snapped and they lost her in the water. They spotted her floating in Irish waters in 2013, and the story goes that they sent a tug out to fetch her and tow her into international water and deliberately cut her loose. Where she is now, I’m really not sure. 1 - As free as the ocean… Free Enterprise the 3rd was a massive vehicle and passenger ferry crossing from Dover to Calais non-stop since it was built in 1966. She ran perfectly till 1984 and was sold and renamed Tamira. Sadly, new owners weren’t as successful with her and they sold her in 1985. She ran well again through till 2004, when she sadly ran aground in a well-known dangerous reef in Saudi Arabia. She’s been grounded and abandoned ever since.

1963 Mustang II Concept! Hidden Detroit Treasures in Warehouse!

The Detroit Historical Society keeps most of their vehicles that are not on display in a very unique warehouse. It was built to store ammunition, so the temperature keeps very constant. And the bubbles that the vehicles are in keep them safe from most other issues. Most of the rolling and running vehicles are moved around monthly or when time allows. And they are constantly being loaned out to other Museums across the country! You can learn more about the society from their website. Unfortunately this is NOT open to the public and they would prefer that the location not be known. So if someone does put it in the comments, it will be removed.

Abandoned 1980's Family Home Untouched - 2 Vintage Cars left Behind

Today we are going back in time to the 1980s. I visit this home which was abandoned around that time period and was a home to a huge family at one point. It seems like one day they left the house and never came back, leaving behind all their clothes, food and even their cars! The video speaks for itself and if you enjoy the video please be kind enough to leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more summer explorations! Follow my instagram to keep up with me and my photography @dark.exploration

It's been a long time since we last visited the old Ford dealership full of classics Is it still there? Also we visit the rare Saab sports car lost in the deep woods!

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