WhipAddict: MLK Car Show 2017: Custom Cars, Lifted Trucks, Big Rims

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WhipAddict: GTR Car Show 4, Custom Cars, Burnouts, Georgia Whips

My boyz with the Georgia Top Ryders Car Club had their 4th Annual Car Show, this year in Hapeville, GA. Had some nice whips come out. Most the members are ridin hard themselves, Camaro and Charger on 30s, 2 Red Box Chevys on 6s, Avalanche on all gold 30s, you'll see a few Challengers and Camaros, Two SRT8 Cherokees, and more! Even a few burnouts leaving the show!

How to Paint Motorcycle Wheels & Polish Rims

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WhipAddict: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS LSX on Gold Forgiato Inferno 24s, by In & Out Customs

#FlexFest2k17 I've been waiting for this one! Donkmaster and In & Out Customs really went in on @0shyof100's G Body Monte Carlo SS! Painted gloss black, gold door handles and trim around the aftermarket headlights, all gold, 24", staggered, Inferno Forgitos, custom interior done in black and suede by @StitchedbySlick and custom car audio with 3 12s in the trunk! But the jewel is under the hood! Donkmaster has built a car that will contend for the "Fastest G Body on 24s" title this year, with a super strong small block shootin gas, suspension and frame all built to race on rims by In And Out Customs in S.C. Man, gotta salute those boys on his one and the owner for spending that check!

WhipAddict: JuneFest 2k18 Car Show, Huntsville, AL: Custom Cars, Big Rims, Ladies

Footage of #Junefest2k18 Car Show from Milton Frank Stadium in Huntsville Alabama. A great turn out on a hot day sunny day, a lot of SUVs in this one, some hard G Bodys, a few clean Donks, a big rim Nissan crew, some wet paint jobs and some nice females!

Biloxi Black Beach Weekend 2k17 All Footage Unedited Part 1

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) Check out my FB Fan Page and Instagram https://www.facebook.com/TheWhipPaparazzi/ https://www.instagram.com/the_whip_paparazzi/

My footage from the annual MLK Car Show this year held in Dover, FL at the Hillsborough Fair Grounds! Plenty of whips, from old schools, new bodys, tuners to lifted trucks! Forgiatos, Amani Forged and alot of DUB floaters on tha scene. Kandy paints and wraps, chrome and brushed rims, lowered cars and tall trucks, even a sound competition! This show has it all! Check out thewhipaddict.com for the full pic gallery.

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