Hot News Honda Civic Type R pickup truck is the absurd and fast brainchild of U K Honda engineers

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HOT NEWS Jaguar laying groundwork for a reborn XK Automotive Cars News

There have been rumors about plans to replace the Jaguar XK since before the gentleman's coupe ended production in 2014. Depending on which rumor you read, a reborn XK could remain compact and offer a 3.0-liter turbodiesel,HOT NEWS Jaguar laying groundwork for a reborn XK Automotive Cars News grow a bit and move upmarket to challenge the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, or grow even more and challenge the Bentley Continental GT as "an elegant four-seater coupe." About the only three consistent details have been that the new XK would ride on a reworked F-Type platform, that the XK would become Jaguar's new flagship, and brand design director Ian Callum providing all the quotes about a potential resurrection. Now Hanno Kirner, the head of product strategy at Jaguar Land Rover, has added quotes that could portend the return of the big two-door cat. Kirner told Autocar that Jaguar "will continue to invest in sports cars," and that "I use the plural quite deliberately." That is, the F-Type won't be left to carry the sports car mantle by itself.HOT NEWS Jaguar laying groundwork for a reborn XK Automotive Cars News Questions remain about the definition of the term "sports car," and whether that really means a return of the XK. Kirner suggested it's possible that a future offering could be "a body variant" of the F-Type. Callum's been fighting for the XK's return ever since Jaguar made the decision to kill it. The designer said the two-seat F-Type wasn't intended to kill the bigger 2+2, and at one point his team had already finished design work on the third-generation XK. However, the F-Type sold so well that the company marketers decided the automaker didn't need both cars. A number of things needs to happen before any XK gets the green light, though. The next-gen F-Type is in the works and could come as soon as next year, and Jaguar will want to make sure the two-seater continues its run of steady sales. The XK spirit lives on in the current F-Type, since the F-Type sits on a reworked version of the XK's aluminum architecture, and the second-generation F-Type will evolve that aluminum platform again. It's said that the platform could morph back into a 2+2 without undue hassle, but any new XK wouldn't likely arrive before 2021 even if approved. Callum remains on the case, saying in October 2017, "I want a two-seater [the F-Type] and a 2+2. We're working on something now."Automotive Cars News,Automotive, ''cars'',, new car, Automobile Classics, SuperCarTube, CAR TV, jaguar,jaguar, 2019, jaguar xj, carwow, mat watson, 4k review, jaguar e-pace, jaguar suv, jaguar review, jaguar suv review, jaguar e-pace review, e-pace review, epace review, car reviews, suv car reviews, jaguar car reviews, jaguar 2018, british car reviews, 2019 jaguar xj, 2019 jaguar xjl, 2019 jaguar xj autobigraphy, 2019 jaguar xj autobiography review, 2019 jaguar xj l review, 2019 jaguar xj interior, 2019 jaguar xj 0-60, new jaguar xj l,

HOT NEWS 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista First Drive Review Automotive

MARANELLO, Italy — Ferrari's special-edition V8s have a long history of delivering more than the sum of their individual parts. The 360 Challenge Stradale (2003), 430 Scuderia (2007), and 458 Speciale (2013) each leapfrogged the capabilities of their donor cars to cement their notoriety in supercar history. The latest in that lineage is the Ferrari 488 Pista, a hopped-up variant that is the most powerful road-going V8 in Ferrari history. The Pista is so quick that its lap time around the company's own private Fiorano circuit is only 1.8 seconds behind the LaFerrari. With 49 more horsepower pushing around 198 fewer pounds, the $345,300 488 Pista looks, at least on paper, like a no-brainer for deep-pocketed speed fiends. But there are also a slew of tiny changes that alter its persona — 50 percent of the engine components are new — as well as intangible characteristics. The carbon fiber intake manifold, for instance, shaves weight but also features shorter, lower-volume intake runners for better throttle response. The turbocharger's turbines are composed of a new aluminum-titanium alloy that slashes inertia in half, trimming the powerplant's already minimal turbo lag. Titanium connecting rods aid cylinder acceleration. And new robot-welded Inconel exhaust manifolds are 10-percent wider and slightly longer, offering reduced back pressure and a throatier note. Coupled with reduced sound-deadening materials, the pipes are responsible for more engine sound reaching the cabin. Before tackling the famed Fiorano track, I drive the 488 Pista on the street to see what 710 horsepower in a twin-turbo Ferrari feels like, and my first impressions came on thick. Sure, there's the expected interior upgrades of copious Alcantara and carbon fiber, visible aluminum floor plates, and massive carbon paddles borrowed from the 488 Challenge race car. Hold the red steering wheel-mounted engine start button with a press of the big drilled aluminum brake pedal, and the 3.9-liter V8 fires up with a noticeably more bass-heavy thrum than before, the first hint that this is an entirely different beast than the off-the-rack 488.Automotive Cars News,BMW, North American International Auto Show, Ford, Car and driver, autoshow, Car and Driver 10Best, Automobile, Auto racing,Ferrari, 488Pista, Pista, 488GTB, mid-engine, V-8, turbo, twinturbo, prototype, drive, track, Maranello, Italy, Fiorano, supercar, sports car, coupe, review,2019,supercar review, first drive, ferrari, 488 pista,,

HOT NEWS 2019 Subaru WRX and WRX STI Series Gray revealed, look a

Subaru mentioned that it would make special Series.Gray versions of its WRX sports sedans, but it wasn't until now that the company showed what the special cars actually look like. The 2019 Subaru WRX Series.Gray and WRX STI Series.Gray cars are certainly less bold than some of their predecessors, such as the Series.HyperBlue models. But their Cool Gray Khaki is still a sharp color, one that actually looks a little blue in the right light. And if it looks familiar, that's because it is. The same color is available on the Crosstrek. In addition to the gray paint, the cars come with black badges and black wheels, while the WRX STI gets silver-painted Brembo brake calipers. It's not just cosmetic additions, however. The WRX gets the optional Performance Package as standard, it loses the power sunroof, and it picks up some Jurid front brake pads. The STI gets some performance enhancement, too, in the form a sportier Bilstein suspension setup. Inside, both cars come with Ultrasuede Recaro seats, with driver power adjustment, along with adaptive LED headlights, LED foglights and keyless start. The STI gets an Ultrasuede steering wheel, too. Complete pricing with destination charges for the WRX Series.Gray starts at $33,455 and $40,555 for the WRX STI. You'll also need to act quickly. Only 750 of the WRX and 250 of the WRX STI will be available. The cars go on sale this fall.Automotive Cars News,Subaru Special Edition, 2019 Subaru, 2019 WRX, 2019 WRX STI, 2019 Subaru WRX, Subaru WRX, 2019 Subaru WRX STI, WRX STI, Series.Gray, Series Gray, Subaru Series Gray, Subaru, WRX, WRX Special Edition, WRX STI Special Edition, 2019 WRX Special Edition, 2019 WRX STI Special Edition,Automobile Classics, SuperCarTube, CAR TV, subaru, subaru viziv performance concept, concept, subaru concept, 2019 subaru ascent, subaru wrx concept, subaru wrx, subaru wrx sti 2018, subaru wrx sti review, 2019 subaru sti, subaru viziv performance sti concept, 2019 subaru viziv pickup, 2019 subaru pickup, 2019 subaru viziv, subaru ascent interior, viziv performance concept, subaru viziv performance,


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WOW!! 2019 Acura RDX to race in Pikes Peak Hill Climb Automotive Cars News

Acura just launched the 2019 Acura RDX crossover, and what better way to kick things off than a little motorsport? That's right, Acura will be racing a modified RDX in none other than the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It's Acura's seventh consecutive year participating in the daring ascent, which sees 156 turns over the course of 12.4 miles. On June 24, the RDX will attempt the climb to the summit's elevation of 14,114 feet. To help its Exhibition Class run, the RDX's 2.0L VTEC engine has been given a larger turbocharger and an electric supercharger, which brings output up to 350 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle also benefits from race-tuned suspension, custom 19-inch wheels and Pirelli racing tires, and front Brembo brakes. Behind the wheel will be by Jordan Guitar of Acura R&D's North American Chassis Development Group. The RDX will be joined at the race by three other Acuras: a production-based NSX competing in the Time Attack 1 Class, and two TLXs in the Open Class. One is a TLX A-Spec with an upgraded suspension and 500-horsepower turbo V6. The other is a TLX GT with a modified twin-turbo V6 and suspension developed specifically for Pikes Peak,Automotive Cars News,rdx, 2019 acura rdx, acura, acura rdx, acura rdx a-spec, 2019 rdx, a-spec, review, rdx a-spec, cars, car, crossover, suv, cuv, 2019 acura, Autorep,2019 acura rdx, acura rdx, 2019 rdx, acura, rdx, 2019 acura rdx review, 2019 acura rdx interior, acura rdx review, 2019 acura, acura rdx 2019, rdx 2019, autonews, supercars,

Following in the footsteps of BMW's custom M3 pickup trucks, engineers at Honda's Civic hatchback factory in the U.K. built their own high-performance pickup out of a 2018 Honda Civic Type R. The car is just as absurd as you would hope. The roof from behind the B-pillars has been chopped out to create a truck bed, one filled with diamond-pattern steel. The engineers managed to retain the curves of the original sheet metal, and shaped the tops of the bed sides to mirror them.

The rear wing also sticks around on the tailgate. What's funny is that the tailgate doesn't drop down like on a conventional truck. Instead, it lifts open like a trunk. In addition to the wing, the Type R pickup also gets a sport bar, and in true truck fashion, it has auxiliary lights mounted to it. And in the bed, there are a couple of Honda generators for running everything from power tools to tailgate party equipment.

Honda says the truck retains all the performance of the Type R hatchback. Under the hood is the same 306-horsepower four-cylinder, and it's claimed to be capable of a top speed of over 165 mph. All of the Type R's driving modes are available, too. Because of its performance credentials, the project lead for the pickup said that they're considering taking the truck to the Nürburgring in hopes of setting a front-drive pickup truck record. To that we say, "Do it! Do it now! Why aren't you there already?!"

As fascinating as the Civic Type R truck is, you won't be seeing it next to a Ridgeline anytime soon. Honda made it clear that the truck is a one-off not meant for production. One of our aesthetes here at the office was relieved to know there won't be any more, but at least one other of our editors is now pining for a small, sporty pickup truck of some sort.Automotive Cars News,auto disc brakes, honda civic type r, honda civic, civic, interior, Honda civic 2018, honda civic 2019, new car model, honda civic new model, new honda civic, new model civic, 2019 model, 2019 honda, 2019 honda crf450l, 2019 honda crv, 2019 honda civic, 2019 honda hrv, 2019 honda fit, 2019 honda pilot, 2019 honda grom, 2019 honda accord sport, 2019 honda accord, 2019 honda civic si, 2019 honda accord hybrid, 2019 honda accord type r,HONDA CIVIC TYPE R PICKUP TRUCK, honda civic type r, civic type r, honda civic type r pickup, honda civic type r pickup truck, type r, honda civic, honda, honda civic type r pickup truck concept, 2018 honda civic type r, honda civic type r pickup truck concept revealed, civic, 2018 honda civic type r pickup truck concept, 2018 honda civic type r pickup truck, 2018 honda civic type r pickup, honda civic type r truck,

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