Hot News Honda Civic Type R pickup truck is the absurd and fast brainchild of U K Honda engineers

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Honda Fit 2002, 53 km, Interior & Exterior

Strengths - Fuel economy - only 5L per 100km, on $20 dollars of gas can drive 250km! Or on full tank of 40L it will make 800km, its a profit in the pocket after first fill up. No wonder so many people choose cars like this one these days. - Practical interior - fold away seats, high roof, spacious. - Generous level of equipment. - Small turning radius-4.7m, can do U-turn on two lanes! - Low maintenance cost - service and parts are inexpensive.

HOT NEWS Mercedes Benz EQC camouflaged Automotive Cars News

Most of the time, spy photos are taken by skilled and patient photographers that hide out near automaker proving grounds and production facilities, waiting to catch a brief glimpse and a batch of photos to share online.Mercedes Benz EQC camouflaged | Automotive Cars News Although the automakers usually try to hide their new models for as long as possible, there's been a trend as of late to release official "spy photos" of camouflaged vehicles. Just take a look at the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover testing in Spain. The blue camouflage wrap has the hashtag #switchtoEQ on each side. According to Mercedes, there are nearly 200 EQC prototypes built during development.Mercedes Benz EQC camouflaged | Automotive Cars News The photos were taken during summer testing. Parts of Spain can reach more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. This gives the engineers the opportunity to test things like the air conditioning, battery cooling systems and charge times. In addition to Spain, Mercedes will test prototypes in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Dubai, South Africa, the U.S. and China. The crossover itself is based on the current Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. The EQC will be the first model from the EQ sub-brand to hit the market. Expect unique front and rear styling for the EQC. We don't know specs, but look for performance and range figures to be roughly the same as the new Jaguar i-Pace and Tesla Model X.Automotive Cars News,mercedes eqc, mercedes, mercedes benz, eqc, mercedes benz eqc, mercedes-benz eqc, mercedes eq, benz, mercedes eqc 2019, mercedes benz international, 2020 mercedes eqc, eqc 2019, mercedes erlkönig, mercedes eq concept, mercedes concept eq, mercedes electric suv, mercedes benz eqc 2019 winter test, mercedes benz eqc 2019 модельного года, 2020 mercedes benz eqc, suv, ev, mercedes-benz, mercedes suv, mercedes prototype, 2020 mercedes-benz eqc,Mercedes-Benz EQC, mercedes, merc ev, ev, Fully Charged show, electric car, electric vehicles, electric bikes, hydrogen fuel cell, smart grid, micro grid, renewable energy, sustainable development, wind turbines, battery, Robert Llewellyn, Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge, Junkyard Wars, internal combustion, diesel, fossil fuel, jonny smith, fifth gear, Mercedes EQ, EQ, tesla

HOT NEWS Aston Martin DB5 from ‘GoldenEye’ will be auctioned Automotive Cars News

Think of an Aston Martin DB5 in a Bond film, and you're likely to think of "Goldfinger" — the film and the car are forever linked in cinema history. But it's not the only Bond film with a DB5 chase, as the producers were eager to establish Pierce Brosnan as a credible Sean Connery equivalent, and put him in a DB5 on a mountain road in 1995's "GoldenEye." There was no white Mustang to chase in "GoldenEye," as Brosnan's Bond played with a red, reportedly rented Ferrari F355 driven by Famke Janssen. A few years after the film's premiere, in 2001, the DB5 was sold for $200,000. That doesn't sound fantastical for a Bond car, but at the time it was the most expensive piece of Bond memorabilia ever sold. At the end of the decade, the actual "Goldfinger" DB5 sold for roughly $4 million, which is unlikely to be topped by the "GoldenEye" car this summer. The car is not a barn-find or a lost cinema classic, either, as it has been on display in several museums such as the National Motor Museum in Britain. Bonhams will be auctioning this DB5 on July 13 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car's estimated at $1.6 million to $2.14 million, which is still half or less than half of what the "Goldfinger" car brought in. Still, it's a silver Aston Martin with actual cinema history, and it's believably one of the reasons why restored classic Astons still get resprayed in Silver Birch.Automotive Cars News,Automotive Cars News,Automotive,dragon box, db5, kodi, db4, dragonbox, area 51, exodus, streaming box, amazon, fire stick, android, xbmc, cable, dragon, wizard, setup, stream, digi, player, media, streaming, apple tv, roku, cable cutter, cut the cord

HOT NEWS Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol Quick Spin Review Automotive Cars News

Look at this year's Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol concept and last year's Titan Project Basecamp as peace offerings – six tons of wilderness-taming wampum dedicated to the kayak and bike rack set. Nissan wants to be friends with the off-road enthusiast community again. Why did the two sides break up? Neglect. Decades of dirt-ready offerings put Nissan and the trekkers closer than forked branches and marshmallows. Nearly every Nissan Hardbody commercial from the 1980s promoted the pickup as a means to adventure, not merely a tough hauler. Nissan Pathfinder commercials from the 1990s almost all featured snow, rocks, rivers, or mud for a supporting cast. As the Pathfinder bloated into middle age and retired from the hard rock life, the Xterra took over. That Xterra then slid into the Pathfinder's former commercial campaign, and the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts. Then, sometime in the lead-up to The Great Recession, Nissan drove out of the woods and didn't look back. Instead of sincere updates for the four-year-old Xterra and five-year-old Frontier around 2009, product planning but both on cinder blocks out back and left them to rot. In 2015, Nissan grabbed its shotgun and put the Xterra in the ground. The Frontier's still back there. Adventure travelers, as disgusted as if Nissan had been doing donuts through delicate flora on its way to dynamiting endangered fish, abandoned the brand. Yet it's not like Nissan forgot how to build a capable truck – in fact, Nissan never stopped. The Frontier, ancient but indestructible, gobbles punishment as readily as the legendary Hardbody. Overseas, there's nowhere the Patrol won't go. More accurately, there's nowhere the Patrol hasn't already gone in its 67 years. Nissan Amada Mountain Patrol Off-Road DriveNissan Amada Mountain Patrol Off-Road DriveNissan Amada Mountain Patrol Off-Road DriveNissan Amada Mountain Patrol Off-Road Drive Enter the Armada Mountain Patrol, introduced at the Overland Expo West. The newest hunk of bait to lure enthusiasts back to the brand comes after a year of promotion for the Titan Project Basecamp, which was unveiled at the same show last year. Since then, Nissan has run a series of Titan Adventures for the media, trying to position the pickup as a gifted multitool for backwoods exploits. Joe Cashen, Nissan's senior marketing manager for Titan and the NV series, said the automaker sees a growth opportunity in aiming the Titan at the "hunter, fisher, boater, camper crowd." This year's Armada Snow Patrol tried to hook the snow-bound set. And enticements are also in the pipeline: Nissan dealers will soon offer a three-inch lift from Icon Vehicle Design, and we got the idea there's a factory-approved lift kit on the way for the Armada. We got a little wheel time in the Armada Mountain Patrol on a lengthy backcountry route in the high country around Flagstaff and Jerome, Arizona. The convoy included a standard Armada Platinum Reserve, the Project Basecamp Titan, a brace of less extreme Titans, and two pure aftermarket offerings: the Recon Campers NV200 Evny overlander, and "Rulebreaker," a yellow Titan with a black and yellow Lance camper built by Hellwig Products. David Page runs Fluid Peak Collective, Nissan's outside agency doing lifestyle and social media for trucks. He designed the Titan Project Basecamp – "I built my dream truck," he says. He also is behind the Armada Snow Patrol and the Armada Mountain Patrol. Starting with an Armada Platinum Reserve, Page added about 1,500 pounds of kit, putting the Mountain Patrol well over 7,000 pounds. The biggest challenges compared to the Titan Project Basecamp was the Armada's lower payload capacity compared to the Titan, no eight-food pickup bed, and a lack of vertical space for a 4'x3' bed under a low roof. That meant more discrimination concerning amenities, so whereas the Titan Project Basecamp is good for about a week of self-sufficiency­, the Armada Mountain Patrol can disappear for around five days.Automotive Cars News,nissan, armada, nissan armada, 2018 nissan armada, mountain patrol, nissan armada mountain patrol, nissan armada review, patrol, 2018 nissan armada platinum, 2017 nissan armada, nissan murano, mountain, 2018, armada mountain patrol, 2018 armada, 2018 nissan, automotive news, overland, nissan armada 2018, y62, ????? ?????? ??????? ???????, ??armada???, armada snow review, first drive, offroad test, offroad test drive, snow drift, nissan snow armada latest, nissan upcoming armada, nissan latest armada, and more, photos, pricing, reviews, full news, price, specs, build, full interior exterior, nissan snow patrol

HOT NEWS Ford Fusion hybrid and diesel Transit Connect taxis

It has been a big week for Ford and alternative powertrain commercial vehicles. Earlier it showed a hybrid Explorer police vehicle called the Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid. Now the company is showing off taxis, including its first Fusion Hybrid Taxi, along with a diesel-powered Transit Connect Taxi. The 2019 Fusion Hybrid Taxi, aside from being the first of its kind offered by Ford, is also interesting because it uses parts from the Ford Police Responder Hybrid. Yes, Ford went Blues Brothers on its latest taxi. Specifically, it has cop suspension and cop brakes that are more durable. The former adds some more ride height, perfect for potholed city streets whether they're in Detroit or New York. Ford also expects it to have roughly the same fuel economy as the Police Responder, which is 40 mpg in the city, 36 on the highway, and 38 in combined driving. The other relatively frugal taxi offering from Ford is the 2019 Transit Connect Taxi, which will be offered with the new 1.5-liter diesel four-cylinder. That engine makes 120 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque, the latter of which should be quite handy dicing it up with dense city traffic. Fuel economy isn't as impressive as the Fusion Hybrid, with an estimate of 30 mpg on the highway, but that still puts it as the most efficient version of the little van. It also retains all of its van practicality. Ford is currently taking orders for the Fusion Hybrid Taxi, and it will take orders for the Transit Connect a little later. Both will be available by the end of the year.Automotive Cars News,ford, ford fusion, ford motor company, hybrid, ford transit, 2019 ford raptor, taxi, fusion hybrid, ford fusion hybrid, detroit, ford how-to guide, 2019 ford edge st, 2019 ford edge, 2016 ford ranger price, 2017 ford ranger price, new ford ranger usa, 2019 ford bronco price, 2019 ford ranger release date, 19 ford bronco, ford ranger msrp 2017, 2019 ford ranger raptor price, use of fanbelt, engine fan belt, fanbelt, engine fanbelt, fan belt, techtrixinfo, car, ford car,, ford owner help, ford owner tips, ford owner guide, 2019 ford mustang, ford how-to, how to install auto lock, auto lock installation, how to ford, how to car, how to vehicle

Following in the footsteps of BMW's custom M3 pickup trucks, engineers at Honda's Civic hatchback factory in the U.K. built their own high-performance pickup out of a 2018 Honda Civic Type R. The car is just as absurd as you would hope. The roof from behind the B-pillars has been chopped out to create a truck bed, one filled with diamond-pattern steel. The engineers managed to retain the curves of the original sheet metal, and shaped the tops of the bed sides to mirror them.

The rear wing also sticks around on the tailgate. What's funny is that the tailgate doesn't drop down like on a conventional truck. Instead, it lifts open like a trunk. In addition to the wing, the Type R pickup also gets a sport bar, and in true truck fashion, it has auxiliary lights mounted to it. And in the bed, there are a couple of Honda generators for running everything from power tools to tailgate party equipment.

Honda says the truck retains all the performance of the Type R hatchback. Under the hood is the same 306-horsepower four-cylinder, and it's claimed to be capable of a top speed of over 165 mph. All of the Type R's driving modes are available, too. Because of its performance credentials, the project lead for the pickup said that they're considering taking the truck to the Nürburgring in hopes of setting a front-drive pickup truck record. To that we say, "Do it! Do it now! Why aren't you there already?!"

As fascinating as the Civic Type R truck is, you won't be seeing it next to a Ridgeline anytime soon. Honda made it clear that the truck is a one-off not meant for production. One of our aesthetes here at the office was relieved to know there won't be any more, but at least one other of our editors is now pining for a small, sporty pickup truck of some sort.Automotive Cars News,auto disc brakes, honda civic type r, honda civic, civic, interior, Honda civic 2018, honda civic 2019, new car model, honda civic new model, new honda civic, new model civic, 2019 model, 2019 honda, 2019 honda crf450l, 2019 honda crv, 2019 honda civic, 2019 honda hrv, 2019 honda fit, 2019 honda pilot, 2019 honda grom, 2019 honda accord sport, 2019 honda accord, 2019 honda civic si, 2019 honda accord hybrid, 2019 honda accord type r,HONDA CIVIC TYPE R PICKUP TRUCK, honda civic type r, civic type r, honda civic type r pickup, honda civic type r pickup truck, type r, honda civic, honda, honda civic type r pickup truck concept, 2018 honda civic type r, honda civic type r pickup truck concept revealed, civic, 2018 honda civic type r pickup truck concept, 2018 honda civic type r pickup truck, 2018 honda civic type r pickup, honda civic type r truck,

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