How to Beat the First Big Daddy in Bioshock

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BioShock: Good and Bad Ending HD

Spoiler Alert: The ending of BioShock, this will ruin the game for you if you haven't played it through on both endings. The good and Bad ending.


The basics beginners guide for Bioshock 1! A new "for beginners" video each week so please subscribe! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games leave a comment. DISCLAIMER: Some tips are very vague and my personal opinion so please don't take them too seriously.

Bioshock 2- Big Sister vs. Big Daddy

Here i show you,how you can kill an Big Sister the best ^^ .

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Bioshock ~ All Bosses

All bosses from Bioshock done on hard difficulty without the use of medkits. Also, i'm not dead just busy. Timestamps: Dr. Steinman - 0:03 Big Daddy - Bouncer (Miniboss) - 2:15 Big Daddy - Rosie (Miniboss) - 3:45 Peach Wilkins - 4:52 Martin Finnegan (Miniboss) - 7:00 Elite Big Daddy - Bouncer (Miniboss) - 8:43 Silas Cobb (Miniboss) - 10:02 Hector Rodriguez (Miniboss) - 11:45 Sander Cohen (First Opportunity) - 12:28 Elite Big Daddy - Rosie (Miniboss) - 15:19 Sander Cohen (Second Opportunity) - 16:54 Frank Fontaine - 17:29

Major Slack's Bioshock Review - * * * * *

Here's how to defeat the first Big Daddy on the Medical Pavilion level in Bioshock without taking a scratch. All these videos were done on the Bioshock medium difficulty setting. Basically what you're going to do is set a trap using explosive objects (gas cylinders) and make good use of a hacked machine gun turret.

Here are all 7 gas cylinder locations on the Medical Pavilion level:

Painless Dental office in in secret room accessed by crawl space (2)

Dandy Dental office (1)

Surgery, i.e., Dr. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideals (4)


- Corpses can be piled up around the trap (pile of gas cylinders) to lure the Little Sister to come over to drain Adam. This will place the Big Daddy right beside the trap and give you time to position yourself correctly to set it off.

- After setting off the trap (blowing up the gas cylinders) the machine gun turret will not automatically start shooting at the Big Daddy. You have to shoot him to get the machine gun turret into the fight.

- After the machine gun turret starts firing at the Big Daddy, get out of sight temporarily so that the Big Daddy will target the machine gun turret instead of you.


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