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Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Opening [HD]

「AMV」Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm - Saki vs Asuka. Final

Ao No Kanata Four Rhythm - Inui vs Shindou

I don't what to post so I'll just post some random scene from some Anime. :I x'D

Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue HD Edition (2017) Grand Opening Video - PS4

Don't forget to Like, Share, Subscribe for more PlayStation Games Trailer & Gameplay! Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue HD Edition (2017) Grand Opening Video - PS4 Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue, known in Japan as Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (蒼の彼方のフォーリズム Ao no Kanata no Fō Rizumu, Beyond the sky, into the firmament), officially abbreviated as Aokana (あおかな) and translated as Four Rhythm Across the Blue, is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Sprite and released for Windows on November 28, 2014. The game was ported to the PlayStation Vita and will be ported to the PlayStation 4 In an alternate universe, shoes with anti-gravity properties are invented called Grav-Shoes, which allow people to fly freely. This leads to the development of a sport known as Flying Circus, where participants either race from one buoy to another or touch the opponent's back to score points. Masaya Hinata is a student at Kunahama Institute, which is located in a four-island archipelago south of Japan. In the past, he was active in the sport, but quit due to an overwhelming defeat. His life changes when a cheerful girl named Asuka Kurashina transfers to his school. There, Asuka becomes interested in Flying Circus, and despite being unfamiliar with the sport and a newcomer to the use of Grav-Shoes, she manages to score a point during a match with the Vice-Captain of a powerhouse school, which is a truly amazing feat. This leads Asuka and Masaya, together with their classmate Misaki Tobisawa, a first-year student called Mashiro Arisaka and siblings Shion and Madoka Aoyagi to form a Flying Circus team, with the goal of finding success during the Flying Circus summer tournament. At the tournament, the world of Flying Circus is rocked by a new technique known as Birdcage, which leads to defeats for all the participants by a relative newcomer, Saki Inui, becoming the tournament's champion. As a result of her defeat, Misaki temporarily quits Flying Circus, and the club thinks of a strategy on how to beat Saki at the fall tournament. At the fall tournament, Asuka manages to defeat Saki during overtime, and Saki and the club members become friends. Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue HD Edition is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 26. → Stay updated of your favorite PlayStation Games from Japan, Asia, US, EU! for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, & PlayStation Vita! hit SUBSCRIBE! ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Main YouTube: ► Official Website: ► 2nd Channel: → PLAYSTATION VIDEO PLAYLISTS: ► PS4 Gameplay/Trailers: ► PS3 Gameplay/Trailers: ► PS Vita Gameplay/Trailers: Video uploaded by ArnotS2 - PlayStation Games HD

Aokana Four Rhythm Across the Blue (2016) Season 1 Episode 1

But so delicious. Anime: AOKANA Four Rhythm Across the Blue Episode: 4. The TV anime “AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue” will begin broadcasting in January 2016! “The true battle, comes after losing” Anime Official Site: . Anime: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Song Artist: by Kawada Song: Contrail (Kiseki) . やっぱりみさき先輩かわいい! みさき√が観たい! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, .

Fun ass game tho!
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Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue is a romance visual novel in which the player assumes the role of Masaya Hinata. Much of its gameplay is spent on reading the story's narrative and dialogue. The text in the game is accompanied by character sprites, which represent who Masaya is talking to, over background art. Throughout the game, the player encounters CG artwork at certain points in the story, which take the place of the background art and character sprites. The game follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction.
There are four main plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience, one for each heroine. Throughout gameplay, the player is given multiple options to choose from, and text progression pauses at these points until a choice is made. Some decisions can lead the game to end prematurely, which offer an alternative ending to the plot. To view all plot lines in their entirety, the player will have to replay the game multiple times and choose different choices to further the plot to an alternate direction. Throughout gameplay,

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