Darwin Project: Battle Royale PC | NEW AFFILIATE STREAM! Highlight Full 3/12/18 #1

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Darwin Project - IamHaxxo Stream [Twitch] Show Director

Darwin Project Show Director Twitch

Darwin Project! - TACTICS!

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/tru3ta1ent

Highlight: RecRoom Royale! NEW! Battle Royale Alpha Weekend! P.S. sorry i am sick

yo what up guys, eddie here on the falibu channel and today i had a chance to jump into RecRoom's RecRoyale Alpha Weekend event for the last time. Ended up getting 3 wins and having a lot of fun over the course of the stream. so today i jumped in and about half way through the stream on a whim, my homie Lullerooz mentioned to try my ProTubeVR gunstock and that ended up working out better than i thought even if less than perfect lol. Met a few cool people, got a lot of KO's and really enjoyed myself after i got a bit more used to the current control scheme for walk only locomotion. i hope for more options in that area to become available but i ended up managing fine towards the end. i played the rec room alpha for a few hours over the weekend. it's actually got a lot going for it in spite of it's crude smooth locomotion and clunky inventory. as a streamer, the UI constantly shows viewers ammo, gun name, health, shield, and players left. the projectile gun play is really fun, no gun stock needed but the gun stock is actually semi useful, level design and map are all good. what would i like to see out of the full release version of Rec Royale? smooth locomotion that follows the orientation of the controller instead of going in the direction i'm facing, better interactions when moving things in and out of belt inventory slots and better navmesh for easier teleporting. in spite of all of that i had a tremendous weekend playing the game and actually played very little other than Rec Royale while it was available. thanks for watching :D -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/falibu

Rocket Royale Android Gameplay

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Highlight: NEW! Rec Royale VR! Rec Room Battle Royale | 1Hour Stream = 2 Scout's Honor WINS 6/9/18

yo what up guys, eddie here on the falibu channel and i'm just catching up with uploading my LIVE streams from twitch over to youtube from the RecRoom RecRoyale Weekend Launch Event. on this day i only had time for a short 1 hour stream but i jumped in to rec royale and managed to lock up two wins before heading out for the night. i've been having a blast playing this game and would highly recommend this to my friends that are curious about VR BR thanks for watching :) -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/falibu

yo what up guys, eddie here on the falibu channel and this is my full and unedited live stream test of my FIRST time playing Darwin Project: Battle Royale on PC, which is probably the game most similar to Hunger Games, that i have played so far.

my rig: i7-8700k, gtx1060 6gb, 16gb DDR4, iphone 8+ cam

ran this first stream test in Darwin to guage some stream settings and i realize the sound is off right away and it's already been fixed, i believe i fixed a bit of the pixilation already as well.

so far i am loving the game although i may be biased as anyone who knows me knows that i love all things battle royale. well this game is no exception and a game i've worked on for VR in my spare time is actually very similar in theme as far as it being more about personal quarters combat rather than sniping from across the map with guns. just something different to change things up and i'm happy to see this game's implementation of that. i haven't had a chance as of yet to check out the show director mode but it seems like it might be one of the funnest was for me to spend my time in Darwin Project. we shall see :D

i just recently qualified for affiliate on stream so my stream highlights will start taking the full 24hrs to reach youtube until i found out i can send them sooner.

More Darwin Project: Battle Royale has been added to the streaming menu. stay tuned for more and thanks for watching :D

-- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/falibu

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