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Dash Cam Compilation (USA) Car Crashes in America 2017 2018 # 27

Send your clips to: ************************************************* ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH ORIGINAL COPYRIGHT OWNERS PERMISSION. ************************************************* All car crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. ************************************************** CREDIT: 1. Special thanks to "Nikolas H." for this clip 00:00 2. - LA's Worst Drivers 00:16 3. Anonymous 00:34 4. Special thanks to "Payne L." for this clip 00:43 5. - Jeff 00:54 6. - Joshua Gray, PI 01:19 7. Special thanks to "Jialin Z." for this clip 01:56 8. Special thanks to "alvin c." for this clip 02:18 9. Special thanks to "Dillon S." for this clip 02:35 10. Special thanks to "Dillon S." for this clip 02:42 11. Special thanks to "Dillon S." for this clip 02:48 12. Special thanks to "Sergio A." for this clip 02:56 13. N/A 03:08 14. - VIDSBYPB 03:53 15. Special thanks to "Quinn M." for this clip 04:07 16. Special thanks to "Jason M." for this clip 04:29 17. - Bad Drivers of Houston 04:48 18. - Bad Drivers Out East 05:07 19. Special thanks to "Dillon S." for this clip 05:33 20. - VIDSBYPB 05:41 21. Special thanks to "jason t." for this clip 05:51 22. - Manda Fito 06:10 23. - East Tennessee Dashcam 06:23 24. - MTI Driving 06:54 25. - MTI Driving 07:01 26. - Big B Gaming 07:55 27. - mozman68 08:24

How Not To Drive Your Car on Road in 2018 #130 IDIOTS Drivers Caught on Dashcam Fails Compilation

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Stolen car crashes during police pursuit

A police pursuit came to a crash ending Monday night in Brook Park.

Footage of 3 Teens Fatal Stolen Car Crash in Florida

Palm Harbor , Pinellas County , Florida

Watch A Willys Jet Car Crash From The Driver’s Seat

Big speed comes with big risks. And sometimes it ends badly like it did for Terry Rossberg when he took his Willys jet car to the drag strip. We get to watch the crash from the driver’s point of view and it’s wild. His parachute deploys and he’s at the end of the run when things get sketchy and his car flips several times. Luckily, he came out with minor injuries. The car, probably not so much. Websites: Facebook Pages: PowerNation - PowerBlock - PowerNation Daily - Detroit Muscle - Engine Power - Truck Tech - Xtreme Off Road - Twitter: PowerNation - PowerBlock - Instagram: PowerNation - @PowerNationTV PowerBlock - @PowerBlockTV


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