This is the new Ford Explorer of the year 2020 - in the Cop-Car| | Review Car

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UNBOXING Ford Police Interceptor - Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know

Today I bring you something ridiculously cool: an unboxing review of a brand-new Ford Police Interceptor Utility. That's right. It's a cop car and thanks to the Palo Alto, California Police Department, I was given special access. Is this a great country, or what? But don't think for a moment that this Explorer-based cop car is nearly identical to the Explorer crossover you can buy at any Ford dealership. No, this one is quite different and all for the better. Heck, it's not even built on the same production line as the civilian Explorer. Heavy duty suspension, special cop tires, cop brakes, cop-tuned V6... you name it. And what's really interesting about this particular Interceptor Utility is that it's a Supervisor's vehicle. What does that mean? I'll answer that and give you tons of more details in this special edition unboxing review. Enjoy! *TImestamps* Introduction: 0:10 Why is this police car unique?: 0:45 Exterior details: 1:30 Why is this Explorer different than the regular Explorer?: 2:00 Some hidden technology: 3:10 What's under the hood?: 3:50 Inside a police car: 4:20 Ballistic protection?: 5:00 What makes this a supervisor's car?: 5:30 Police departments love crossovers: 6:35 Tons of exterior cameras: 6:50 LED Spotlights: 7:05 Why ballistic protection?: 7:30 Rear seat equipment: 8:00 What's this bag of goodies?: 8:45 Payload capacity?: 9:40 What's in the trunk?: 9:50 Look at all of those lights!: 11:40 Conclusion: 13:05 Special thanks to the Palo Alto, California Police Department for the exclusive access.

2020 Ford Explorer engine line up

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This is the new Ford Explorer of the year 2020 - in the Cop-Car| | Review Car

June 12, 2018 AT 7:39 PM By Joseph Capparella Shop Local Cars   The all-new 2020 Ford Explorer is getting an unconventional reveal. The production model hasn’t been shown yet, but we now basically know what it’ll look like thanks to these photos of the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility hybrid—a renamed Explorer SUV for the 5-0. While the overall silhouette might fool you into thinking it’s the same old Explorer at first, the new front end and subtly different proportions confirm that this is ...

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