This is the new Ford Explorer of the year 2020 - in the Cop-Car| | Review Car

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New 2020 Ford Explorer hybrid SUV teased first as a cop car | new cars news 2018

New 2020 Ford Explorer hybrid SUV teased first as a cop car | new cars news 2018 Prepare to start memorizing another set of headlights as the police are getting another vehicle option next year. Ford announced Tuesday that its next-generatio... ------------------------------------------------------------- Help - new cars news 2018- Reach Goal of 10.000 Subscriber : #new cars news 2018 thank you for watching

Ford Explorer 4X4 Front Hub & Bearing Repair

This is the only Hub and Bearing I Recommend- (check fitment guide for your vehicle) This is the Blue Loctite I use in the video- In this video I go over replacing the front hub and bearing on the Ford Explorer line of vehicles from start to finish. This bearing is common for abs codes but more common for a grinding and or humming noise. Torque Specs- Hub and bearing 15mm bolts- 90ft lbs Caliper bracket- 125ft lbs Axle Nut- 185ft lbs Lug Nuts- 100ft lbs

2018 Ford Expedition EL EcoBoost V6 - Car Reviews | | Car Reviews

2018 Ford Expedition EL EcoBoost V6 - Car Reviews | | Car Reviews Please, Like & Subscribe Car 3x ^^. Subscribe : : Since the 1990's, the Ford Expedition has been a symbol of power and prestige on our roads. Yes, LC80 Land Cruisers, Gen2 “Fieldmaster” Pajeros and tub-roof Patrols of the era are great, so much so that pristine examples of those very SUVs are still very much coveted, but the Expedition was really the one that offered so much more. Size, space, and displacement all combined to help give the Expedition a distinct presence on our tight, pockmarked and already traffic-laden roads at the time. Today, things have changed. Fuel prices are ridiculously high and streets are even more congested, despite some rather confusing schemes to reduce vehicular volume in the National Capital Region. And with the changing times, so too must the Expedition. Here's the new version of the Expedition EL, the fourth one since the original in 1997, and we'll be the first to try it out on local roads on the daily commute to work, to the mall, and anything else in between. The Expedition is the flagship (of sorts) of the “E” line of Ford's SUVs. EcoSport is the tiniest, followed by the Escape, the Everest and the Explorer. For a brief period, we had the Excursion, but that proved to be already too big for the market (and for our roads), especially in post-Asian Financial Crisis Philippines. The happy compromise that Ford came up with in the late 2000's between the big Expedition and the gargantuan Excursion is the Expedition EL; the E and L being Extended Length. In North America, this EL version is known as the Expedition MAX. Actually there's an interesting parallel between the naming nomenclature of Ford and Boeing. More capable versions of Boeing's airplanes like the 777 are appended suffixes like ER or LR for Extended Range or Long Range, respectively. Even a new 737 variant is called the MAX. The similarity is not surprising; the former President of Ford, Alan Mulally, did come from Boeing. Even from a distance, you can tell that this Philippine-spec EL is huge. At 5665mm long, it's about 330mm longer than the standard length Expedition (which we don't have). The EL is also 2 meters wide and nearly 2 meters tall, so you'll have to be careful when choosing which mall parking structure to go to, unless you want to know how expensive it is to replace a big panoramic sunroof. Still, despite the Expedition EL's big proportions and as a testament to the size of the Excursion, the now discontinued latter is still bigger. The striking thing about the Expedition EL -apart from its size- is the style and presence. For years, we've thought that the Expedition was lagging behind in the style department compared to its direct competitor: the Suburban. But that seems to have been addressed, as the Expedition oozes in presence. The fascia looks like a cleaner, classier interpretation of the front end of the Expedition's pick-up brother, the F-150. I would have preferred the headlights of the F-150, but the Expedition's front grill and headlight combination does work, along with tha... #2018 #Ford #Expedition #EL #EcoBoost #V6 #Car #Reviews #Carscom #Car #Reviews #car3x

🔵 NEW 2018 FORD Explorer XLT REVIEW - 1st Look at Exterior & Interior @ Ravenel Ford

Hey Everyone! Today I'll be showing you this beautiful 2018 Ford Explorer XLT at Ravenel Ford. We'll be checking out the exterior, interior and some of the great Tech Features! If your interested in buying a New Ford Explorer make sure to visit my friends online at SUBSCRIBE - Facebook CCV - Make sure to Like & Comment! Join the conversation with us. Vehicles filmed at Dealerships are For Sale. Make sure to visit the dealerships website for detail info about each vehicle. If your watching a video thats older than 90 days you can expect that vehicle to most likely already being sold, unless its a new car. FYI - Charleston Car Videos on YouTube Started in 2011. Back in 2008 is when I started filming cars as a car salesman to give people a better way to see a new or used vehicle. Over the years I ended up selling over 450 vehicles from doing videos. Today 1000's of vehicles have sold from people using my car videos to sell cars at dealerships all over the South East Region. I'm Chad Dolbier the creator of CCV. After High School I was unsure of what to do for a career as many young adults are. Instead of going to college I decided to start working in the car business in 2000. My first car job was at Acura of Charleston being a car detailer/washer. In 2003 our Acura store started to clear land next door and built Audi of Charleston. After a few years passing and still detailing Acura's & Audi's in 2005 I was asked to be a car salesman. In 2006 I started the Internet Department for Acura & Audi. Then in 2008 is when the car videos all started up! 2010 is when I left Acura & Audi and started my own car dealership video business. So far today I've built YouTube channel for over 18 car brands & dealerships. So enjoy my channel and hopefully you can learn something new! As always I enjoy learning from you as well so make sure to send me your feedback!


This is a thorough video going over the standard and optional equipment on the 2018 Ford Explorer XLT. See the time stamps and prices of optional equipment below. Standard Equipment Safety 1:31 Performance 2:50 Exterior, Front 4:05 Exterior, Side 5:11 Exterior, Rear 7:07 Interior 10:03 Equipment Groups/Packages 201A Equipment Group 13:33 $2,330 202A Equipment Group 17:59 $4,900 Tow Packages 18:43 Class II Package $395 Class III Package $570 Safe & Smart Package 29:31 $1,295 Technology Bundle 21:41 $935 Cold Weather Package 22:37 $650 XLT Appearance Package 23:14 $1,595 Optional Equipment 25:15 18" 5 Split-Spoke Sparkle-Silver Painted Alloy Wheel $495 20" Polished Alloy Wheels $1,295 Rear Inflatable Seatbelts $210 Dual Panel Moonroof $1,695 2nd Row Bucket Seats $695 Accessories 26:52 Dual Headrest DVD Player $1,995 Running Boards $595 Splash Guards $205 Crossbars $140 Cargo Mat $100 Cargo Cover $130 All Weather Floor Mats $120 Other Ford Explorer videos 2018 Ford Explorer Base: 2018 Ford Explorer Limited: 2018 Ford Explorer Sport: 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum: Long McArthur, Inc 3450 S 9th St Salina, KS 67401 785-823-2237 Music by Vibe Tracks

This is the new Ford Explorer of the year 2020 - in the Cop-Car| | Review Car

June 12, 2018 AT 7:39 PM By Joseph Capparella Shop Local Cars   The all-new 2020 Ford Explorer is getting an unconventional reveal. The production model hasn’t been shown yet, but we now basically know what it’ll look like thanks to these photos of the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility hybrid—a renamed Explorer SUV for the 5-0. While the overall silhouette might fool you into thinking it’s the same old Explorer at first, the new front end and subtly different proportions confirm that this is ...

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