How To Build a Cost Effective Mining Rig Right from Home - Part 1

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How To Build a Cost Effective Mining Rig Right from Home - Part 2

Thanks for tuning in for part two! In this video we will go over the necessary steps for installing the processor, wiring up the power supply and installing the graphics cards and their respective risers. I hope this helps the newer individuals that are getting introduced to mining. Thanks for your support and as always, Stay Regular!

What Is A Mining OS? (SMOS, HiveOS, & ETHOS)

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URGENT! - Cryptonite ASIC MINERS!?!

Hey Squad! In this video I really wanted to expose the plans for the Baikal ASIC miners. These ASIC miners can really have a large impact on Cryptonite coins. According to some of the information I've identified during my investigation, these may have been mining as early as December. If that is the case, they may be approximately 60% of the current Monero hashrate. Some developers of Cryptonite coins are planning corrective action within the near future. Monero plans to move to Cryptonite v7 which is much more ASIC resistant. This should stop ASIC mining in it's place for now. SumoKoin hasn't planned anything until they see an ASIC miner released in operational order. Turtlecoin is planning a hardfork to another algorithim but they have not decided which yet. They appear to have a really strong stance against ASIC mining which is wonderful to see! I'm a big fan of their dilligence. Electroneum has not provided any information yet on their proposed actions on the ASIC miners. It will be interesting to see what heppens over the next few days for Cryptonight coins. Here are the links to all of my resources used throughout this video: ASIC Miner Info: Electroneum ASIC Discussion: TurtleCoins ASIC Plans: FlappyTurtle Download: Cryptonight Mining Calculator: Check me out on Steemit for more up to date content! Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Thanks for tuning in and as always, Stay Regular

Hello Squad!

Here is a cost effective method for building a mining rig. You can save money on the frame of your mining rig by building it right from home.

You can also save money by purchasing Hard drives and RAM from your local E-waste and E-Recycler facilities. They usually sell left over components for really cheap prices.

Dimensions for the Mining Rig frame:
1 Top Support Bar: 1x2 Wood - 21 and a half inches long. (21" 1/2)
1 Bottom Support Bar: 2x2 Wood - 21 and a half inches long. (21" 1/2)
2 Side Supports: 2x2 Wood - 5 and a quarter inches long. (5" 1/4)
2 Back Legs: 2x2 Wood - 2 and a half inches long. (2" 1/2)
2 Front Legs: 2x2 Wood - 7 and seven eighths of an inch long. (7" 7/8)

Total Cost for the frame: $5 CAD

This video is aimed at helping individuals that have difficulties building mining rigs. I hope building mining rigs after watching this video series is substantially less difficult.

I wish everybody the best of luck out there.

Cheers and as always,

Stay Regular ^_^

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