Witcher 3:GOTYE - Novigrad Quests Continued

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What Happens When You Kill Too Many Cows: The Witcher 3

This week, CD Projekt Red unleashed the Bovine Defense Force Initiative to deal with would-be cow murderers. (this is a redo of an earlier video, done with better brightness settings) (I'm keeping both videos on the channel, because they both show different ways in which Chort's ai is dumb)

TheDivision: Global Event - Onslaught Day 1

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Gwent high score 554 round (Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Gwent high score of 554. Theoretical max is 594. This is the same strategy as my 465 video using vanilla cards from first release. This video uses cards from Hearts of Stone DLC. FAQ: * Q: Did you lose round 3? A: No, Geralt won 2/2 rounds. * Q: Why not use last Horn on front row? A: Dandelion is a Horn and horn effects work only once. * Q: Where to get 5 Blue Stripes? A: Initially only 3 were available. After patch 1.1 in Oct 2015 it was possible to get 5. This lasted for about one year until CDPR patched it back to 3. The basic idea is to win a round (either 1 or 2) without using any point card (spies only) and follow up with using all point cards in a single winning round. The opponent is Sasha at the Novigrad gwent tournament and she has 4 spies, 3 decoys, 4 medics, and 3 scorch cards. There are three challenges to getting a very high score. First, you must craft a deck that is possible to extract fully. You seek to draw the entire deck by recycling and exchanging spies with decoys and medics. Second, you need to get some lucky RNG, particular with the Gaunter card and his 3 Darkness summons. Gaunter is worth a lot of points, but he must be drawn without any of the Darkness cards drawn. If any of them are drawn then you "lose" a card and cannot draw your entire deck and will get a bad score. A safer tactic is to ignore Gaunter entirely and just use Trebuchet cards, which will yield more successful runs albeit a lower max score cap of 578. Third, you seek to manipulate the opponent AI into feeding you spies. Sasha is a good opponent because she has many spies and medics, and ability to steal a card, and all of these factors can lead to exchanging a lot of spies with her. This makes it possible to extract as much as 32 cards with Northern Realms (and more with Nilfgaard deck). However, spies are worth points. So you want as many spies as possible to finish in your half of the board, since they count for points. There are 8 spies, of which 6 are worth non-zero. An unbeatable round would collect 5-6 spies in Geralt's half, but each extra spy gives Sasha +2 cards and increases her changes of outlasting you and using a Scorch. In this video I only got 2/6 spies, which is not good. There are some tricks to ensuring Sasha feeds Geralt more spies, such as luring her to steal a spy from you, scorching her spy so that she revives it, and ensuring she always has spies in her discard pile so that she doesn't waste her medics on non-spy cards. Sasha is a great opponent because she has many spies/decoys and 0 weather cards. She has 3 scorches (2 Scorch and 1 Villentretenmerth) which you can avoid by playing low cards first. If you've already beaten the tournament, it's still possible to score 490+ rounds against random end-game merchants who have Nilfgaard decks. Set the gwent difficulty to max so that opponents have their best cards (most spies and decoys).

The Witcher 3 - Hidden random encounter in Oxenfurt

This encounter can be triggered if you completed a missable "Rough Neighborhood" side quest - Using a companion mod for Ciri - Ultra Settings -

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